Friday, March 27, 2009

Pin Cushions And Pink Saturday............

Another Sweet Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly of How Sweet The Sound. Click on the Pink Saturday link on the right to visit lots and lots of beautiful ladies and their pretty Pink blogs.

This week passed in a haze, but I do remember making these unique and chic, if I do say so myself, Pin Cushions. lol! They have pretty high end fabrics for their dresses and they are embellished with Mulberry roses, vintage posies, vintage laces and buttons and even the wooden spools, that I have finally found a use for, are vintage!

The weather was mild and nice and the Spring flowers are up...way up and we learned we have some snow on the way! I had a stern talk with Mother Nature and so I only expect a few pretty flakes!! The tulips and daffodils seem to weather the snow well, tho. Some winters their new green leaves are poking thru snow! That always amazes me that they do not turn brown and die. The tender pink shoots of the Peonies and Bleeding hearts have just broken thru the ground and I will cover them with pots if we really get snow...........

Well, here are my dress form pin cushions....I have to say I am pleased with how they turned out. I have lots more ideas for is so much fun to create something pretty, but useful,too, and these two are listed on eBay. You can click on the link over to the right if you would like to see all of the pictures. I will get some on Etsy and LolliShops, hopefully, after the bunny orders are finished, this next week.

And another~~~~~~

Pretty vintage croched lace and beautiful vintage eyelet from a closed dressmakers shop of long ago. Don't you just love the fresh look of pretty eyelet? I know I do as it brings back memories of when I was a child. My Mom often made some of my clothes and she would use it on a blouse or skirt, knowing how much I loved it.

I Came Up With The Idea Of Having A Place To Keep Your Thimble Securely, Between The First Dress Form Pin Cushion And The Second One. That way you always know where it is.

Vintage and new buttons for more charm.

Thank you for visitng and have a wonderful week!!
Hugs to all,