Friday, December 3, 2010

Well, my pink loving friends....another week has somehow flown by and here it is Pink Saturday, again. I love PS mornings as it is so relaxing to sit in my pj's and robe with a cup of coffee or tea, or a Dr. Pepper, and go visiting. Especially since the days have grown cold, dark and wintery.....Be sure and visit Miss< Beverly >

for all the other pretty pink blogs to visit....

When I am chilly, I curl up in this fabulous soft and warm throw.....

I walked into one of my favorite haunts to shop...T.J.Maxx, and heard it calling my name.....I could not believe how incredibly pretty and soft it was....there is a deep ruffle at each end which just made me swoon....the price was perfect and it is b-i-g, too. I have my first "blankie". LOL! I can not go to sleep without this over me....I know my hubby thinks I may have gone over the edge, but thats OK! It not only takes the chill makes this ole girl happy!

And, I don't think I have shown you this pretty plate that I found years and years ago in an antique store on Whiskey Row in Prescott, AZ. (That is a famous street in downtown Prescott....the cowboys would come into town, so the story goes, and would dare each other to see who would still be standing after drinking all the way down this street to the last saloon.....I love that story!)

And lots of pretty pink in these lovely Shops.....Shabby Cottage Shops December ad in Romantic Homes.....we invite you to all come shopping and to register for our Pink Present Give A Way.....

Have a joyous weekend and week!