Friday, October 7, 2011

A Beautiful Fall Pink Saturday

Hello, again, Pink Saturday Peeps! I hope your week as been fabulous in every way! The weather is so perfect.... in the high 60's and 70's here, so each day it is a toss, do I work in the gardens getting them ready for what will be coming, we won't mention the "S" word..... or do I keep my nose to the grindstone working on my sewing, etc. Oh, yes, and keeping the house clean and hubby well fed! lol! :) You know I would not trade any of this for anything! I am happy the Lord has given me all He has and so when I feel over burdened, I try to slow down and just say "Thank You." Life is far from perfect, but I feel thankful for what I have been blessed with!

I thought I would share some fabric with pretty,pretty pinks....I have this out looking and thinking what I will do with it....What do you see made out of this? A pretty tea cozy perhaps?

And I just had to share this beautiful Chintz teapot and cup of tea.....I adore china in the chintz pattern and especially when it is in these heavenly colors....

And look at these dainty little sandwich rolls.....I am not an okra fan, but these look quite yummy and with the little ham sandwiches very enticing on the pretty chintz plate.

Happy Pink Saturday, sweet friends. Remember to dash on over to Beverly's for all the other Pinkalicious posts to enjoy!

Smiles and Hugs....