Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where Oh Where Did My Pictures Go?

Hello Dear Friends....Have you ever lost your pictures in your computer? Well, I have and it is paining me greatly! Just before Christmas I was playing around...never a good thing I am learning... with my computer. On my home page, with my screen saver I have several icons. One of those was Picasa 3. I never use it as I much prefer PhotoShop. I thought to myself, I wonder what all is in it, so I clicked on it. When it opened I saw many pictures I had not seen in a long time and then a window opened up and more pictures came whirling in. I did not think much about it, until.....I went to get pictures from one of my picture files in my documents and found it EMPTY! Horrors! So I went back to Picasa and found in the thousands, a picture here and a picture there from my one picture file. In this lost file were many images such as my banner for my blog...all gone. I had my computer guru come over and he said to me that they are somewhere in my computer....three hours later there still was no sign of them. So....I found instructions on creating my own blog banner and we will see if I can come up with something. It is time I learned to do my own designing, anyway! And, to put my pictures in files and then on disks....

So, while mulling this all over, here is what I have been up to these cloudy winter days since Christmas and tomorrow I think I will start taking down the Christmas decorations.....I always have to get used to the "bare" look when all is done and packed away.


This 2 1/2 cup teapot comes with it's own cozy, coaster and tea wallet full of yummy teas....You can see more pictures and details at THE RUFFLED ROSE

I am off to make myself half a turkey and cranberry sandwich while there is still some turkey! It is going to be ham for New Years.
Cozy Hugs,