Wednesday, August 25, 2010

~Pastry Stand With Faux Cake~Fresh Out Of The Oven~

Here is what I have been doing the last few days....I love it as I think of it as "therapy" for getting away from the mundane of everyday....And, you should see the is as messy as if I were really baking!!! lol!

I found some dessert or pastry stands with the cloche lids a while ago and the weather has cooled off so I could finally do some faux baking....If it is hot with the humidity we have here so close to the lake, it takes forever for them to set up, so I wait for the cool days....I don't like to put them in the oven as they just form up nicer if air dried.

I love making the clay roses and I think these turned out pretty....I have been making them in the evening as I find it so relaxing....
This Pastry Stand comes with the piece of cake and can be found on my website.

The piece of cake on the sweet little dessert can also be found on my website..perfect for so many places in the Cottage home and a wonderful little gift for someone special...

Back to baking....
Sugary Hugs,