Sunday, October 31, 2010

This little gal lost her gazing ball to the heavy winds, but she still looks cute sitting among the pumpkins....this is something I saved for myself from the hundreds of items hubby and I made for craft shows in the past....Click on the picture and you can see her better...She says,"Do you see what I see?"

Oh my! Today is the last of October, 2010. Can you believe it? Tomorrow we will be able to say that Christmas is next month! Really, where has this year flown to???? I had so many things to accomplish and I did accomplish a lot on the list, but I had hoped to accomplish everything! Next years list will start at the top with those that did not get done this year!

I am a bit late getting this on today and here is why....I finished my project of these two little end tables. They are to go to Chazy, NY for our daughters Christmas present. WOO HOO! I always feel so good when promised projects are finished....I hope she will like them.

I plan to do a coffee table for myself for my next project with mosaics!

It is dark and bitter cold today....I wonder if we will get many little ghosts and goblins wanting treats?
Well, we are ready...

Many years ago, I fell in love with this Jack-O-Lantern candy can...there is a tiny chip in the lid where Miss Allie, one of our precious granddaughters, dropped it and then promptly burst into tears because of the chip...of course she got lots of hugs and kisses and her tears wiped away. I told her the chip added to the cuteness, or something to that effect to soothe her. She is almost sixteen now and she was maybe four when she dropped the, that chip is very precious to me.

My hubby has a sweet tooth like no other! Really. We were at Costco yesterday and he went scouting for the Halloween candy. I always have him choose because he buys more than we could ever use, so he can eat all the left over candies! lol! So the kids get good candies from our house!!

And this little vignette has a witch candle from Julian, California. Julian is a cute little town above San Diego in the Laguna Mountains. Our youngest daughter went up there many years ago and knowing how much I love candles, she brought this darling candle to me....I wish I had captured her face as she is smiling and cute. She gifted me the little lamp that holds tea lights and the card just finished it off from my oldest granddaughter Adrianna way out in California, this year. The card will be saved to be added next year in a little display.

Have fun tonight and Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Soap Or Eats

BOOOooooOOO HAPPY HALLOWEEN Bloggerland Sweet Pink Chics....

If you go and visit Beverly you will find some sweet Treats with no Tricks....just lots of fun blogs to visit!

I have to tell you a cute little Halloween story that my dear Mom told me a long time ago. Now when Mom told the story she gave lots of detail that I have forgotten. I was very young when she told me the story of her first Halloween in Des Moines, Iowa, about 1920, where she had her first teaching job. She grew up in a very small Iowa town where the kids got together and had lots of Halloween fun with some naughtiness thrown tipping over an outhouse while a grumpy neighbor was inside and running tick tacks up windows, but somehow they did not go trick or treating is my understanding or she would have understood the two young boys who knocked on her apartment door....

They opened the door to two young goblins that said, "Soap or Eats." Mom thought they must be hungry or they wanted some soap. She and Dad were about to sit down to dinner, so she had the stunned boys come in and she sat them down and fed them DINNER! Now the way she told it, I could picture these two boys about ten or eleven who were expecting some candy for their bags and were probably too surprised to protest sitting quietly eating dinner with my parents. I do know they said not a word and when they were finished, they very politely got up, said "Thank You" and fled. I still laugh about that little story and wonder what they told their parents and later their own children about the strange couple that did not have any candy, but fed them!

Moms Dad was the country doctor for miles around. Grandpa had a heart of gold, but he was stern and my poor Mama was always getting herself into trouble for the pranks she could not help but fall into! The morning after the outhouse was tipped over, she told me Grandpa said casually, I heard that old Mr So And So was using his outhouse when it mysteriously fell over..I don't suppose any of you know anything about that.....Mom said she could feel herself blush and her heart beat faster, but on that occasion, that was all Grandpa said or did. Her older sister, Adrianna, was always looking at Mama in horror of the things she would get into...she would regale me with her little stories and I would laugh until my sides ached...Me? I was the opposite...I was a good girl! Ha!

Be Good, Be Safe And By All Means Enjoy Those Treats!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here is my newest listing In The Armoire at The Ruffled Rose.....


Darling little baby shoes that went with the baby quilt I just finished...aren't the little ribbon embroidered roses on the toes sweet? These were such fun to make!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Stormy Day That Wasn't

The storm that howled across the midwestern part of our country was to howl up our way, too. Hubby got up yesterday morning and took down our hanging baskets on the front porch...yes, we still have our baskets up and they look beautiful....and secure all of our porch furniture....the swing in the back yard and so on. He was glued to the weather channel as he ate breakfast and kept giving me updates until I thought I would go nutty! I kept telling him that every warning they give to us for severe storms, rarely, if ever becomes a fact. He was sure with the extremely low isobars, this would be a storm to remember....

What we had was a beautiful day with some wind, rain and dark skies with low white clouds scuttling quickly to the North. A marvelous day to work on a project and that is just what I did....The wind did blow enough that I doubt we will have many pretty leaves to look at on the trees as the ground is becoming a tapestry of golds, reds, peaches and greens.

As I was fixing dinner, this is the scene from my big kitchen was hard to concentrate on preparing the food as the clouds and the light kept changing...
Isn't the sun on the trees amazing....A gift from God, for sure! A wonderful bright spot in the day!

I had not heard of "Burning Bushes" until we moved here. I am a midwest gal having grown up in Omaha, NE. but I don't remember any there....Ours are not full and red as I keep them trimmed short in front of the porch, but here is the beautiful color of red....there are many around town that are big, full and glorious!

This last picture if of our maple tree in the is usually a stunning red, but this year it has golds and soft peaches....the wind was blowing when I took this picture and I think it is soft and pretty, like a Monet or a pretty mosaic....this tree is always the last to loose it leaves in the fall and the last tree in the neighborhood in the spring to get any leaves!!! lol!

I am a bit late in posting this as my computer has not been friendly! It has been stubborn and cantankerous and that is why I have not been at tea parties or much roaming and leaving comments on Pink Saturday....this happens once in a while and then for no reason, it starts acting like it is supposed computer is definitely female!!!

Enjoy your day....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sweet Pink Saturday

Hello everyone and Welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly our gracious and beloved hostess. After you leave me a sweet comment ;0) run right over and visit her and there will be the list of all the pinkalicious blogs to have fun visiting today!

I can not believe how this week flew was truly a week of getting things done....I planted 78 more Tulips in a glorious array of PINKS and lots of Daffodils. Hubby was out working on things to get ready for winter and he came in one afternoon to ask if I forgot to cover up the holes the bulbs were planted in, in one garden. When I went out to look, my friends, the squirrels, had dug perfectly round deep holes all over my garden with their noses. I got the rake and covered up the holes. I made sure, when planting them, that they were good and deep to discourage their naughtiness!!! I know winter is coming and they are busy burying their peanuts and walnuts, but when the ground is frozen and the snow deep, poor things never find them. Mad as I get at them, I always have plenty of food out for them as I know I would hate to have to dig in the snow and wind and cold for my dinner!

My pink busy-ness this week, involved making a special order baby quilt for a little girl due in December....I had fun with the embroidery in the corners, and the beautiful squares came from Abbie
of Special Jays on eBay. She has the most glorious collections. It makes you want to quilt and quilt even if you are like me and most limited in your quilting abilities. lol!

I am making a pair of little baby shoes out of some of this pretty fabric, to tuck in the package for an added surprise....

And, my daughters Christmas present is in the works....
Of course I have to show the "before" and then what I started this afternoon....

I hope she will like them as if she does not, I am snatching them right up as I have the perfect place for them!!!
And one last burst of pink, well, and white and purple, too, before I say "bye".....I have a few flowers that just do not want to give up to Winter...just like!

Be sure and visit Shabby Cottage Shops and our beautiful boutiques full of delicious treasure for decorating and Christmas giving....we have a wonderful give a way, too, that you will want to enter for sure! Lots and lots of "pretties" to win....

And, thank you for your dear comments...they mean so much to me and always put a smile on my face...they make my day!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


WELCOME Pink Saturday Friends...You know that to find the list of fellow lovers of PINK and their blogs you just visit our friendly host Beverly and you will be swept away to pink heaven!

Friday was such a special day...a shower now and then, the best of dear hubby, and a day of browsing two new to us antique stores and a special boutique of lovingly used home decor items and.....dinner out. NO DISHES! That one thing alone will make a day special for me!

Heading South out of Port Huron towards St. Claire...a nostalgic town along the St. Claire River...rainy looking favorite!

We talked about the lovely colors and how soft they are this year. The lack of rain we believe...they make me think of a watercolor painting....

We are headed to Marine City and The Vera Grace Emporium which is my favorite of favorites to shop in this area...A gorgeous boutique in the front, all shabby and beautiful, and then a large, and I mean large, room of Antiques in the back...(my finger just automatically capitalized "Antique" lol) I did not get pictures inside as the flash ruined the look and the clouds had gathered while we were there and it was just too time I will treat you all...
Anyway, on our way through St. Claire I noticed a sign that read This 'n That and something about home decor resale items....we pulled in and parked in the back where there was an Antique Store back entrance....

This is the front entrance out in the little mall...and here are a few pictures inside....

And then out into the little mall and across to....

Up the stairs past enticing

A darling store with vintage rhinestone jewelry, lovely olden gowns, purses, hats, gloves and all sorts of wonderful treasures. All arranged like a high end boutique...
As I rounded a corner my eyes fell on these..

and I guess you can figure that they became mine. These are just exquisite, but the pictures do not do them justice. I found some darling pillow slips with vintage pink, white and green crochet with roses and they will go on my website. The evening light is so dark I could not get good pictures of them...
Our fun filled day ended with hubby getting a Blizzard from Dairy Queen...did you know they make miniature ones now???? They look about two or three inches high! I will treat myself to one another time, as needing both hands, I drove home so he could enjoy his ice cream!

Happy Pink Saturday and have a Happy Week!
PS This beautiful leaf is outside of one of my kitchen windows on one of the Spiarea (sp?) bushes...just one like a beautiful gift....I tell myself it is from my beloved Mother who passed a number of years ago...I wanted to share it with all of you, too.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Come For Tea...

I am so happy you could come and have tea with me this morning!

The tea is hot...would you like cream or a slice of lemon? We are having Jasmine tea today...

Do you take sugar?

I baked my special yellow cake.....I do hope you enjoy it!

You like my new damask napkins? Well, thank you....I found these in an antique store not long ago and thought they were pretty, too!

Having tea together is such fun....something I look forward to as I love tea and it is much more enjoyable sharing it with someone. My dear Granna and I would have tea and she would always get out the Lorna Doone cookies that we both enjoyed. They were always put on a pretty plate and even though she and Grandpa were then in a small apartment in San Diego with no formal dining room, just an eat in kitchen....tea was served in a pretty teapot with pretty cups and saucers. We would sit and talk and talk and talk. After we had our "spot" of tea, I would clean up for her and then we would either take a walk or sit and knit. Sometimes, I would help her with her laundry and hang it out for her. She and I knit sweaters and little booties, caps and just everthing my expected baby would need.
When I think of tea, I always have a picture of my beloved Granna in my mind as I am fixing a cup....such special warm memories.
Thank you for visiting and I hope you left feeling refreshed after your cup of Jasmine tea....come back soon....
I am linked with Sandi for Teatime Tuesday....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pink Saturday ~ Woo Hoo ~

Hello Pink Saturday Pals....I am a little late in getting this on as I could not get on the internet yesterday evening! I finally gave up, lit the candles in the bath and jumped into a fragrant bubble bath....computers can get me frazzled faster than anything I know!!!

I hope you all had a great week and are having fun browsing at Beverly's visiting all the wonderful blogs that celebrate pink today....She is our most gracious host!

I did lots of different things this week and the week flew by....Here are some of the strawberries I made....some have ribbon embroidery, pearls, vintage posies, ribbons, old laces and pretty fabrics.....the ornament is unscented. It is just a pretty ornament that would look sweet almost anywhere for a little accent...not just on the Christmas tree.

The picture below truly enchants me with its colors....I love the fresh green with the pop of pink in the bouquet.....I am not sure I could live with the wall paper, but I thought the picture very pretty!

And, below, is one end of the top of my Hoosiers Cabinet....I love the pitcher on top with the pretty roses. It was supposed to have a lid, but somewhere before me, it got broken I assume and so I got it for $3.00! The box behind it is a vintage candy box that I have had forever and the ruby glass candle holder is from my sweet granddaughter, Lilly. The little Mickey and Minnie are from a trip my daughter took to Disneyland and she brought them back to me, knowing how much a fan of theirs I am!!

And below....some of the many tulips I need to get planted while the weather is being nice! I think I will get started this afternoon as it is beautiful outside!

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for the comments....I love comments!
HAPPY PINK SATURDAY and have a happy week!