Saturday, January 29, 2011


Happy Pink Saturday, Dear Friends.....Busy, busy, busy is what I have been this week. You know, you see a dust bunny and then start to notice more and then you are in and organizing and when you are all look around and feel twenty pounds lighter....stuff you don't use is gone, things are looking good and you are ready to get back to work....well, that was me this week! go and pay Beverly a visit and you will see all the marvelous pinkalicious blogs to visit...

Here is what we woke up to this morning...Isn't it pretty? Until the snowblowers started and people started shoveling, it was so quiet, so peaceful....

I love my little yard angel out in the can see the snow still falling....I know she will be happy when the Iris she is standing in reappear!

And, yes, I did get something made this of several small heart boxes I have been having fun with. You can see more of this one at my My Website

Wishing you a fun and cozy winter weekend.....Jil