Friday, September 13, 2013

Rainy Day And Roses

Hello Weekend!  It is a wonderful, refreshing day we woke to! Cooler temperatures, low dark clouds and occasional heavy downpours!  My kind of day!

I have been busy, busy!  Painting furniture
Before Roses and after a good sanding and repainting.
This is one of my NY finds and while it is in excellent condition
it was the ugliest olive green you can imagine! I don't know why I didn't take a "before" picture!  
This lovely light and almost neutral green is
a favorite of soft and pretty with it's blue tone! 
 It looks sooooo much better now!

I am not quite through...a rose or two more, here and there ~
This will be going to the booth at the antique store ~
 Everything Classic in quaint downtown Port Huron, MI.
I am doing a darling small footstool with exquisite needlepoint to match...
when it is finished, I will
show you ~
If you are in the area, do stop in and ask for Booth 12 ~

 and, making all sorts of things like Pumpkins!
finding wonderful items at estate sales 

You can find these lovlies and many more at THE RUFFLED ROSE  
This is all for the moment ~ I am off to paint for a bit and start on
the little foot stool~
Have a happy, fun weekend !
Bye ~
Jil ♥
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