Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello All....This is our day to show each other our delicious PINKs, so be sure and go to Beverly's to find all the blogs to visit for this Saturday! Isn't she a sweetheart to hostess this for us? Thank You! Beverly.....

I have been doing a lot of this and that and when I look back over the week I don't think I accomplished much! lol! I didn't do any creating as I have been kind of "brain dead" in that department. Do you ever get that way? Or maybe it is just a touch of Spring Fever. Once in a while it hits and I have found the best way to deal with it is not to force anything and just roll with it....inspiration will come back in its own time!
I did do a little treasure hunting and found these two pretty plates...

They will probably wind up in tiered dessert servers....

And this little beauty I found somewhere on our way back home, last year, from Texas and California. I love this plate as the glaze is very different. It is a satin and it makes the roses and designs on the plate very soft and so pretty.

And here is a preview of what is to come....this is one of many buds on my climbing rose bush, Eden. The bush is just covered and I will be so happy to look out one day and find one has opened up.....this is a beautiful English rose and one of the most beautiful of all the roses!

A hanging basket I planted with bright blue Lobelia and pink and white Fuchsias. They have not been growing very fast or as well as they should with all of our cloudy and chilly weather! This has been such a different spring!

These are my pinks for this week so I am going to wish you all a wonderful and happy PINK SATURDAY and go and visit each of you!
Bye For Now,