Friday, June 24, 2011

Come Smell The Roses

Welcome Sweet Pink Loving Peeps! Here is the way to Beverly's and all the fun and amazing blogs that love PINK as much as I do.....Be sure and leave Beverly a comment so she will know how much you enjoy this venue! Thank You Beverly! We just LOVE you!

Finally! The roses are blooming and the rose that holds the key to my heart is Eden. We have had a chilly and wet Spring and beginning to Summer and without the six hours of sun she loves, she has been taking her sweet time to burst forth, but here she is. Isn't she gorgeous?

Even though I use a Bayer product for my roses that is supposed to discourage all buggies, with all the wet we have them anyway. So, they are not all absolutely perfect, there is a little nibble hole here and there, but then, that is just Nature at work! Right?

Below are my hardy and pretty landscape roses.....never any bugs and they survive any weather, it seems. They just grow and bloom and make Mama happy!

I hope you enjoyed some of my roses!

I am planning my first ever GIVE A WAY! I would have had one long ago, but I had to figure out how make the little button for you all to take back to your, When I get to 325 followers I will celebrate my first one....stay tuned!

Have a very Rosy Pink Saturday!
Love To You All!