Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello Pink Bloggy Friends....I hope today you each had a great day....I did. I created away in my cozy little studio while the tea kettle hummed away, below in the kitchen. This was definitely a day for TEA! It was dark with low clouds and chilly, not at all like yesterday where the temps were in the high 50's, warm and summy and no wind. Hubby and I worked for several hours in the yard corraling in more leaves...our big maple tree in the front has only lost about half of its leaves. I worked in cleaning the last three gardens and what a good feeling that is! After bending and stooping and raking I headed right for the Advil when I came it....I knew I would not be able to move by evening if I didn't! lol! Ahhh getting older is such fun!

I wanted to show you what I finished today and listed at THE RUFFLED ROSE ( Click on the picture for a larger look..)

The top is adorned with my ribbon embroidery cabbage rose and leaves and a pretty olde rhinestone button....the pillow is all soft pinks and wine and creams to go with your pretty pink and white homes....

And, I have 3 Yards, in two pieces, of pretty light weight upholstery fabric that I will not be using....I believe this is retired now and I still love it...I just changed my mind with my decorating know how that goes!!!

If you are interested you can find it at my Etsy Shop

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