Friday, May 6, 2011

~Two Sweet Days~ Pink Saturday And Mothers Day

Welcome to Pink Saturday and A Happy Mothers Day to all you Mama's! To make our Pink Saturday rounds of luscious blogs celebrating these two special events, just go to Beverly's and there you can roam to your hearts content! Just scroll down to where all the little buttons/links are. Thank you, Beverly, for being hostess to our favorite event!

These days have been full haven't they? Pink Saturday is to be a fun day with no heavy troubling drama, but we can't forget those who have lost so much in the wake of horrendous tornados and now massive, crippling floods. They need our support in any way we can give and they need our prayers to stay strong. I have been happy to hear that the Red Cross and the people in the area that were not affected by the tornado have come out strong with everything from water to p.j.'s.

Our daughter is in an area that is not getting much attention, but the flooding is great. They are by Lake Champlain on the NY side....they are elevated so flood is not a threat. I know the area from visits and she has sent pictures and it is so hard to believe the lake came ashore and has surrounded houses, businesses and ruined so many lives and that it has gone so far beyond the lake. The Chazy River and the Great Chazy River like the lake, are at flood stages not seen for many years.

She did have her own unexpected emergency, tho.... they woke up one morning to find their sump pump had failed and several feet of water in their basement ruining all that was stored down there plus washer and dryer, hot water heater and I don't know about their furnace.....the basement was a horrible mess to clean up, so can you imagine if it were your whole house.....I would not know where to begin! And, it is still raining there!!

And Hurrah to our Navy Seals for taking out the monster...Thank You! Thank You! I can not imagine what it must have been like to face such enormous danger, but I thank you for your devotion to this country and the enormous sacrifices you make as well as all the training that pushes one beyond all limits. You are my heroes! May God bless each and every one of you as well as all our servicemen and women and keep you safe!!

My loving Mom and her parents, my beloved Grandpa and Granna....They have all been gone many years, but will always live in my heart and put a smile on my face! Happy Mothers Day, Mama!

Isn't this egg adorable. This was a Christmas present from my oldest granddaughter, Adrianna. This is one of my favorite treasures and I just wanted to share it...yes,it is a real egg.

And a bit of pink in a little arrangement on a shabby shelf....the old glasses? Well they were salesman samples and came from Grandfathers office. He was an eye, ear and nose specialist. They, too, are a real treasure and I will write more, why, on another post.

God Bless and have a wonderful happy and safe weekend and week!