Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today is Blogerettes Sorority Rush Day..Woo Hoo!!..lots of fun in store going to see all the artistic interpretations with this darling vintage image....

There are so many things one could do with this quaint image! They have such happy looks on their faces....this all makes me think of the Sisterhood of the Ya Ya's... one of my favorite stories!!

This gal ALWAYS need more storage!! My thoughts turned to using the image in connection with storage...Mmmm...Mmmmm what could I do.... and then I remembered the round, primed box just waiting patiently in the basement to be finished. I could us it for odds and ends or...I could use it to store the embroidery floss that needs to be wound on those little cards that I never seem to get to. (The perfect winter evening project!)

So I went to work....First I mixed a color that would compliment the tiny soft lavenderish room I work in....a romantic grayed lavender with beige tones and..... then I set about finding roses to decopage to the box....nothing fancy, as I needed to keep it simple. This box would need to be pretty, but very be able sit on top or under other boxes and slide out after I found the roses I wanted, I Decopaged it so it would be sturdy and with no torn roses after lots of use and here you see my finished project....those happy girls now make me happy looking down from the shelf they sit on above my sewing machine.....

Now, off to see and Ohhhh and Ahhhh at all the cleverness of the members of our new Sorority!