Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Love Affair With Hankies

I am of an age that I had hankies as a girl, as did my friends, and that is when my love for hankies began.  My grandmothers carried them everywhere and often had one tucked in a pocket.  I always thought they were the prettiest things!  Even Grandpa, both of them, carried handkerchiefs as did my Dad and my husband.  Neatly folded in a back pocket....Their's were manly in plaids or white ~

Some have tiny rolled hems, scalloped edges, fancy laces of all kinds and they were also like little samplers, where those learning their dainty embroidery practiced ~
I display my hankies in different ways around our little bungalow as they are just too pretty to keep hidden away in a box and make pretty little unexpected accents ~ I change them often ~
And, I  take hankies that have a slight blemish and turn them into pretty pillows ~

Or, add a corner to a Christmas Stocking
And, who could imagine that a pretty piece of  cotton and sometimes, silk could hold so many  memories, remind us of  our joy and happiness, love and loss.. each hanky has a story.
I have some that have never been out of their original box ~
Look at the pretty edges ~ To see a larger version of each picture, just click on it ~

My favorites are the ones that are in perfect condition, but used....those are the ones you wonder about ~ wonder who carried it and what the hanky would tell if it could talk ~
There is a wonderful and short history on hankies, if you would like to read it.  Just click on the link ~

I love Lavenders and this is such lovely lace ~
In my Sewing room

In the dining room ~

And, I saved my favorite for last ~ When we moved from Arizona to Michigan, eleven years ago, we briefly lived in Coldwater, MI.  Coldwater was our home base for scouting where we would eventually live ~
The surrounding communities of Coldwater is a mecca of antique stores.  In one that was quite fascinating for it's hap hazard way of displaying things, I found this silk hanky.  The aged  proprietress had this behind the counter.  I do not remember what I paid for it, but it was enough that I hid the purchase from my hubby who was in the basement. (The basement was like a library....full of books on shelves was amazing!)  It is a hanky that will go to one of my granddaughters ~
I believe this is the longest blog I have written to date ~  I usually try to keep them brief as I know, I get a bit impatient reading those that are overly long! :)  I hope you enjoyed it!
♥ Jil

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hello All ~ Have you been enjoying Fall and all it brings?  Cool temps, radiant colors and a fire in the fireplace!  It seems that just one day it was Fall ~  There was little leading up to it, but now I, for one, have settled in to cozy days with the tea kettle humming away and me happily sewing or painting ~

You can visit The Ruffled Rose> to find all these charmers and more!  I am working away every day!
Infact, I am off to my creating room right now~
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Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy, Beautiful Fall, to you all!! ♥  It is beautiful here, by Lake Huron.  The colors are really starting and our temps are in the cool Fall range now.
Isn't this a spectacular display of beauty by Mother Nature!  We were doing a bit a yard work and I ran and got the camera....My Mom passed quite a while ago....she was a professional artist specializing in watercolors, oils and pottery...when I see a sky like this, I always say "Thank You, Mom!" and blow her a kiss.  I think of her as Mother Nature's artist in residence!  How I miss matter how old I get to be, a day will not go by that I do not think of her! ♥

This Christmas Cactus sits in my kitchen window...I have had it for three years and each year I mean to repot it, but it seems happy, so happy, in fact, that it blooms a couple of months early!  lol!
Click on the pictures to see them better with more detail...these buds are so pretty....a gorgeous bright pink!
Ornaments I have been painting .....

And more to do....these will be part of a nice order I  received....busy, busy, busy time of the year! The finished ornaments can be found at THE RUFFLED ROSE along with other holiday items ~ New items each week!

I am joining Beverly for   Pink Saturday
Cindy for  Show And Tell Friday;

Be happy, happy, happy!
Jil ♥

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hello Friends ~ I hope you are having a lovely Fall day.  It is 73 degrees here in my little corner of Michigan.  Just beautiful! So perfect for cleaning the gardens and planting bulbs....I have done both and it feels so good to be ready when winter blows in!  Of course, the leaves have yet to fall and we will have days of raking them. : )
And, I have been busy painting
A sweet heart to display or to use as a drink trivet ~
And some Halloween fun with this cones to hang among your decor ~

All of the above and lots more at The Ruffled Rose

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Ta Ta For Now! ♥

Friday, September 20, 2013

Hello Dear Friends ~  It has been a week of painting.  I just listed four PINK ornaments at THE RUFFLED ROSE  ~ They are full of vintage laces, millinery and pretty silk ribbons.  I hope you will come and take a look.  They will be such a pretty addition to the shabby Christmas and then to decorate with all year long ~

As I write a little thunderstorm just moved in with lots of rain and low dark clouds....Such delicious weather!  I am enjoying every moment of it as Sunday the weather changes back to cool Fall air ~

Here is my new project~
It will be the soft luscious green of the chair I just finished ~

And, if you are looking for some sweet white pumpkins,
here are three pretty ones made from vintage
Chenille ~

This is all for the moment ~
Have a great weekend and visit Beverly's
For PINK Saturday which is always fun....I have dinner at the computer so I can browse~
And Cindy at Show And Tell Friday at My Romantic Home 
♥ Jil

Friday, September 13, 2013

Rainy Day And Roses

Hello Weekend!  It is a wonderful, refreshing day we woke to! Cooler temperatures, low dark clouds and occasional heavy downpours!  My kind of day!

I have been busy, busy!  Painting furniture
Before Roses and after a good sanding and repainting.
This is one of my NY finds and while it is in excellent condition
it was the ugliest olive green you can imagine! I don't know why I didn't take a "before" picture!  
This lovely light and almost neutral green is
a favorite of soft and pretty with it's blue tone! 
 It looks sooooo much better now!

I am not quite through...a rose or two more, here and there ~
This will be going to the booth at the antique store ~
 Everything Classic in quaint downtown Port Huron, MI.
I am doing a darling small footstool with exquisite needlepoint to match...
when it is finished, I will
show you ~
If you are in the area, do stop in and ask for Booth 12 ~

 and, making all sorts of things like Pumpkins!
finding wonderful items at estate sales 

You can find these lovlies and many more at THE RUFFLED ROSE  
This is all for the moment ~ I am off to paint for a bit and start on
the little foot stool~
Have a happy, fun weekend !
Bye ~
Jil ♥
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