Monday, August 27, 2012

Back To Blogging ♥

Hello Friends....It has been quite a while since I posted!  Life has been full to overflowing!   It has been a hot and dry summer with the lawn and gardens not looking too perky and I know we are not alone.  The country is thirty for rain!

This little creek bed, bordered with rocks from my beloved Arizona and Texas, ran full with a rare day of rain in July ~

Our little cottage/bungalow has been jumping with grandchildren and the friends they have found here.  The branches of the trees are bouncing with little boys climbing, bikes were parked around the front walk and the sounds of happy children made my heart feel a sweet contentment!  Such a happy time! ( I always loved summer vacation with my own children home.  Their voices  and their comings and goings.  It was  always a sad day for me when it was time for them to go back to school ! )

Now it is time to seriously go back to work as all the family has returned home and I hope with happy memories!  Oh, I worked this summer, just not at my usual pace.  I lazed on the porch and enjoyed family and actually got caught up with my magazines!  And, with a friend opened a booth in a new and booming antique store, here in town.  I will be adding pictures from our space from time to time.

 Below is a tea cozy I fashioned from a vintage linen with one of my favorite Southern Belles....
And another ~ I just love these sweet olden ladies, don't you?
Pears ripening in the sun.
  These are from a generous neighbor and they are soooo delicious and were never sprayed with pesticides, so no worries when we bite into one.  Isn't that nice!
I just wanted to say "Hi" and hope that you will stop back to visit often as I will be blogging much more often!
And, I want to invite you all to stop by
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Have a wonderful week and God Bless!
♥ Jil