Thursday, May 6, 2010


The storm clouds are moving in and I need to get out and cut the grass before it rains....I don't think it has even been a week since it's last cutting! Thank heavens we have a postage size yard, but it still takes me about half an!

I went out to check my new rose...Baby Blue Rose..Above..and decided to take a few pictures...Spring posies do not last that long and you better enjoy them and soak in their beauty while the moment lasts.....I thought I would share some of natures finest....anything to keep away from that lawn mower...hahaha!

The lovely lilacs do not have the thick clumps of flowers they usually have, but they are as fragrant and pretty as always....Lilac is one of my favorite colors and these are beautiful! I wish they could bloom all summer!!

Bleeding Hearts, Violets And Lily Of The Valley

Sweet Violets and A Yard Ornament I Gifted Myself With A Few Years Ago

And, while we are talking is my beautiful granddaughter, Michelle, last week for her senior prom...she is our youngest in Texas....

Michelle and James 2010

Well...No more dilly-dallying....out to that grass!
Enjoy The Day!