Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Little Tale Of Woe!

Computers!  Some days we can't live with them, but I know I can't live without one anymore, either!  lol!
I have been locked out of my blog for the last five days, but all is well, now, thanks to my Dell Support! Thanks guys!  I pay a lot for that service, but it keeps things going smoothly!
Have you ever done this...put a plant in the sink to give it a drink and let the water trickle on it for a bit?  Five minutes they say is how long you should do this.  Well, five minutes came and went as I forgot about the plant being busy cleaning the upstairs and also had a call from my son and even went downstairs to tell Mr. S. what son had to say.  So, a goodly amount of time went by until I walked into the bathroom and to my horror, the water was cascading over the sink and cabinet onto the floor which was mostly a lake by then.

I called Mr. S. and he came running and we began the process of dealing with this all afternoon mess, I might add!  The little bits and pieces of soil and other materials from the plant had clogged the sink and after we got past all that and everything decorative out of the bathroom, I went to mopping up. The water had filled the cabinet under the sink and as I was dealing with that, I kept getting drips from the two deep drawers.  I pulled the top one open that holds hubby's items and to my dismay!  it had at least three inches of water in it!  I then checked my drawer at the bottom and it too, had the same amount of water.  Mercy!  

I told myself I had been planning to clean the cabinet anyway,  so what better time than now.  All that positive talk was not working too well as I mopped and threw away everything from my hair curler set to many of his things.  I was at this all afternoon and all I can say is, I have the cleanest bathroom as a result of forgetting a plant getting a drink in the sink!
And that is my sad tale!  
Have I learned my lesson?  I hope so!

Hope your Sunday was much different than mine!
xo Jil