Friday, May 1, 2009


A Favorite Plate

Hi Everyone and Welcome! Be sure and visit Beverly of How Sweet The Sound for lots and lots of pinkalicious blogs to visit and a big Thank You, Bev, for hosting this wonderful event!!!

If you look closely, you will just a blush of pink here and there. Those are the Bleeding Heart buds which will be out for next Pink Saturday. Oh how I love exquisite Bleeding Hearts!!! They are one of Mother Natures masterpieces! There are clumps of violets and the green spires you see are finally!!! Lily Of The Valley making their entrance.

Just a few of the Tulips in various pinks. The tulips were thick all in this spot but we have Squirrels! They are the naughtiest little creatures! They ate off most of the Tulip flowers and just left them on the ground. Many did not come up this year and I suspect the reason....they were dug up by you know who!!!

Couldn't leave out a picture of the Violets. Violets are some of my most favorite flowers and here, in Michigan, they are considered Weeds!

You would not believe the fight I had with Scotts Lawn service, last year, to quit spraying them in the yard! They ignored the real weeds coming up and I called several times thru the summer to complain. They always mentioned the Violets. I told them my Husband and I are pulling the real weeds ourselves and your weed control was what we hired you for. So, you know what they did???? They sent a man out to really get those weeds and sparyed the heck out of the little area with the Violets and all the grass almost immediately died and of course, the little Violets. The yard in that spot has a little grass trying to come up. I have no idea what all that did to the soil and that company and I are still fighting over it.

Thank you for stopping in to say "Hi". I always enjoy the comments so much!
Have a fun weekend and a wonderful next week!