Friday, September 30, 2011

Fabulous Product And Pink Saturday

Hello Friends....I want to introduce you to an old friend of mine and an old friend to many of you from eBay a few years ago. JannyKathleen. Jan is a fabulous stained glass artist and designer. She also creates the most scrumptious Christmas stockings, pillows and so much more with fabric. She sold fabrics, too. The beautiful ones we all love. And, she is the nicest person!!!!

The last few years she turned her creative talents to developing a bath salt from the finest of that had a lovely scent to relax, was silky to our skin and very luxurious. Well, she did all of that and more. I am in love with her product and after using it, will never consider any other bath salt in my tub!!!

Do you hate the rocks that all bath salts are? How many times have you uncomfortably sat on them? Not with Essential Bliss! These salts are ground fine so that the moment you put your toe into the water, to when you sit down, there is only lovely fragrance with soft foamy bubbles and silky wonderful water you never want to get out of.....
**Click On The Picture To Make It Larger To Read The Pretty Packets**

Above are the pretty and generous sized packages with all the delicious hard to choose just one.....
Do you see the 25% off coupon?? Well dash on over to visit her BLOG and take advantage of the coupon for the celebrations of her opening and visit her Etsy store where you can choose the packets, wonderful stocking stuffers, or the jars....wonderful gifts, too.
I just visited her Etsy Store and found she has a 50% off, one time only, coupon for your entire order. What a deal with Christmas fast approaching!

And, with this being Pink Saturday...don't forget to visit Beverly's to find all our pink and wonderful participants.....and leave Beverly a comment to say "Hi."
With Happy Thoughts....