Friday, August 5, 2011

Pink Saturday And A Garden Party

Hello Sweet Pink Saturday And Etsy Cottage Style peeps....I am joining both Beverly for PINK SATURDAY and Etsy Cottage Style for their Garden Party with pictures of members gardens this year....It was a slow spring because of the weather in so many different spots throughout the country, but now that summer is here there should be some fantasic flowers to admire...Do come and stroll through our gardens...

I have been showing some of my flowers through the year, but here are some new with some of the old pictures....I hope you enjoy them!

Landscape roses that are so hardy and just bloom and bloom! Love them!

Two different plants of Pinks....

One of my Hydrangea bushes. I purchased three about six or seven years ago...the instructions said they were for indoors only. Well, as you can see I put them out and they are huge and doing well! All three are this pretty pink, but I would love to have a blue one and will have to learn how to adjust the soil acidity to have one!

A little rose like Begonia...I just love this variety and have several.

Sweet Violets....of which I suddenly have way too many and they will have to be greatly thinned!!!!

Precious Bleeding Hearts

I have been enjoying thoroughly, each and every new bloom in the gardens as I know this season does not last nearly as long as I wish it could.....when the days are short, dark, snowy and cold

I will be thinking spring and summer and just waiting for Mother Nature to wake up all her beautiful works of art that are sleeping beneath the ground.

Happy Pink Saturday, Happy Gardening and Happy Summer!!!
Smiles :-)