Friday, February 25, 2011


I am so happy you came by to say "Hi" and I hope you enjoyed these lovely pink roses!
If you are a Sam's shopper they are having a special on a bunch of roses for $5.49 and they are in all hues of yellows, oranges, reds and pinks. This pretty pink I could not pass up!

I am wondering if they will dry like the white roses that I showed last Saturday. I have a feeling they will not as these roses are dainty in their look and the white ones had many rows of petals and looked more "hardy."

I am off to say "Hi" to as many of you as I can!
Happy Pink Saturday and be sure and visit Beverly to find all the participants that love pink, too!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Hello and Welcome, pink loving friends....
This is our day to have fun visiting each other and enjoying all things PINK! You know that if you go and visit our dear hostess Beverly you will find all the sweet pink blogs to visit.

I just had to show you these pretty dried roses...I was so delighted with how they turned out....I picked up a bouquet of lovely white roses at our grocery store about a month ago...they have a marvelous selection of fresh roses as well as other pretty flowers and I can always find something perfect to suit my mood and without breaking the bank. They lasted several days and when I went to remove the roses that I thought were wilting, I discovered that instead of wilting, they were drying on their own.

So, I just freshened the water and left them alone. One by one they each dried so prettily and I saved them all and divided them in pretty bouquets, tied a pretty bow of sheer soft white ribbon around each bunch and scattered them about in several rooms....They are in such good condition, that I may put them in a wreath....many years ago I did so much with dried flowers, growing many and getting them from the gardens in California and turning them into all kinds of pretty accents from wreaths to bouquets. These roses make me think I just might want to do that again...

Sometimes the roses will do this and other times they just fade away and drop their petals. Weren't they a pretty and unexpected "gift?"

Thank you for stopping by...Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment! I enjoy them so much!
'Til next Saturday...Have a happy week!

PS Here is my newest, just finished pillow that you can see more of on my Website

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Etsy Cottage Style is having a party this month....a fun party all about our cupboards and what we keep in them, so I am starting with my large Pie Safe.....
This is a very old pie safe that came out of a hotel in Vancouver, BC, Canada, many years ago. When I had my own little boutique I went to an auctioneer outside of Bellingham, WA. to find display pieces for my shop and..... I had this budget I had to pay attention to. I needed a large piece and so he took me out to his barn and there sitting in the dirt, with a tangle of weeds growing up around it, was this old pie safe. I fell in love! He told me how he went to Vancouver when he learned they were tearing down an old hotel and he rescued it among other pieces. Let me tell you this piece is h-e-a-v-y! It takes about four strong men to lift it. I brought hubby and friends and we got it loaded into a truck and then to our home to clean and paint. Two years ago, I repainted it and about eighteen years ago I had hubby put in the chicken wire to keep grandbaby hands from playing with the china....and I have to say I love the look. Bless, hubby's heart, he is never sure of what the outcome of what I want will look like, but he nicely goes about doing it for me.
My blue collection sits on the top and the top shelves are full of my Rose Chintz china by Johnson Bros. I love this old piece....In one of my early posts I show the before and the after of the recent redoing of it.

Then, I have this wonderful maple corner cuboard that was my Mom's. She purchased it in the late 40's among other sweet maple pieces....I have been debating about painting it white....It is full of china I just love...

And this is my beloved old Hoosier cabinet that I purchased for this little bungalow of was almost too big!

And last, but not least, one of my kitchen cupboards.....I know you probably think how outdated this looks. For me, it is exactly the look that is me! When we had been here a short time, we took off the cupboard doors, papered two walls in my favorite blue and white checks and painted the cupboards and did much more. I am showing you just one of the cupboards as the other side of the sink is quite messy with my painting is too chilly to paint in the basement so I moved my little project up to the kitchen....

I guess you can tell by these pictures, that I am very much the cottage style gal!

Be sure and go to ETSY COTTAGE STYLE BLOG <

Hope you enjoyed looking at my cupboards and now I am off to look at yours!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pink Saturday & Valentines Day

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Valentines Day to all....
I had such good intentions of making all my Valentines this year .... something handmade and from the heart says L-O-V-E most of all. Well, I am feeling so disappointed in myself because that just did not get done!
I purchased a Cricut when they were on sale, last weekend, and I got bogged down in learning how to use it. It is not hard, but there are several little things to learn and the time flew by with me not getting one Valentine done. Sigh! I hope all my sweeties will understand and I promise that I will make it up at Easter....I am getting started NOW!

I did manage to get two new things done and on the The Ruffled Rose

And a pillow with the sweetest little girl by Ellen Clapsaddle....

Atleast this week was not a total loss and we only had to shovel twice, too! lol!

I hope you all have a happy and romantic Valentines Day!
Be sure and visit Beverly's for this weeks list of sweet pink blogs all celebrating pink and Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Wonder Of Winter ~ Icicles

Hello Friends, Warm And Cold! This is the first day in a very long time that the sun is shining....the icicles on the front porch were melting merrily and the clear ice looks so pretty against the blue sky...They were melting quickly and I tried to slow the shutter to catch the drops, but I need to study that much more as you can see I failed...And, our little icicles just do not compare to those around us....When I took some boxes to the Post Office I grabbed my camera and here are some grand icicles to see...

These are next door to us and I worry about the children that live there...when it is warm and they are melting, if one fell off and hit you on the top of your head, it could kill you. I do hope their Mommy and Daddy are careful about watching these....

And at the school up the street, they are so heavy and at all the windows around this school it makes me think of fringe....isn't it pretty?

And, then since I was out and had my camera I took a few more pictures of winter by Lake Huron...

At the mouth of St. Claire River, where the white ice and snow stars, is Lake Huron. Needless to say, there is no shipping going on right usually starts back up sometime in March. I miss the sound of the big ships motors and the toot of their horns....

The oldest lighthouse in Michigan where we have so many...this is just a couple of blocks down the street at a pretty sandy beach. The buildings are the older US Coast Guard buildings....

A cold day for a walk through the was 14 degrees when I took these pictures.

Going home....

When you have the winter we have been having, the only way to survive is to see the beauty in it all and think of shoveling as great exercise.

And now, back to learning more on my new is quite the machine!

Keep warm and cozy,

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pillow Talk And More For Pink Saturday

Hello All.....All week I have ment to come and post...I don't know where the time went. Oh yes,.... I was out shoveling, and then out to shovel some more and in between that I was drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream and sewing....pillows, and then out to shovel a bit more! I know I was not alone in the shoveling! What a storm it was, but nothing here like some got in Missouri, Oklahoma, Chicago and other places! My husband thinks our total was right at 14".

The fun of Pink Saturday is to roam around looking at all the pink and pretty posts and you can find them all at Beverly's so don't be shy...go have some fun!

Here are a few pinks around the house....

A lamp I painted a few years ago....

A favorite antique bowl with a paper mache heart ornament that I have had for more than 20 years...I have two and they were sold as Christmas ornaments, but they are too pretty to put away, so they have always had a spot somewhere in the house all year long!

Pretty hankies that I keep out to make me smile ...

Storage containers in my sewing room....I try to always keep the storage, that stays out in sight, pretty to inspire me...and make the room pretty at the same time!

And pretty fabric squares for a project...
Well, sweet friends, that is all the pink for this week! Now off to see yours!
Be Happy!