Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Pink Saturday

I think I am ready for Christmas...the house has all the decorations that I will be doing this year...just enough to feel Christmasy to hubby and me. Like Thanksgiving, we will be "just us"...

that is OK as we have discovered we don't mind. We started married life with a passle of children, eight and added one, and have had very little time through the years of "just us." I am not saying I do not want to spend holidays with family, I am just saying it is OK when we can't....We will have a delicious Christmas dinner, enjoy each other and the long as we don't have to shovel, that is. lol!

The little snow people candle holders, where gifted to me from a dear granddaughter in NY. She was in the lower grades (she is almost 16 now )and picked them out at the schools Frosty Shop. (The schools PTO, has a gift shop for the children to come and pick out a certain number of gifts and they are gift wrapped for them, too. My daughter in NY, was the head of it this year....she and her team raised money to purchase over 2,000 gifts. I believe they were free to the children and what a wonderful thing this is, as many of those gifts will be the only ones under the tree this year.

I love these long glittered silver balls and am running back to Mary Maxim's for many more for next year when I will do a proper tree instead of just a small one...

I have had these dear little "Shell" angels for many years...they were a gift to me from my Texas sons wife's Mom....they aren't made any longer as the designer...Margaret Furlong, moved on to other designs, so now they are even more precious.

I don't believe a year has gone by that I do not have this little cottage, which covers a votive candle, out with all the pieces that go with is by Fitz and Floyd and the date on each piece is 1983. I remember how excited I was when I found it in a store that handled my Christmas handpainted items, in La Jolla, had a darling little train that my sister talked me out of. I often wish I had kept it.
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I wish each of you the Merriest, Happiest Cozy Christmas, ever!