Friday, October 30, 2009

~Happy Pink Halloween~

Welcome to the last Pink Saturday of October and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Don't forget to go to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... for a list of the marvelous pink blogs for this week! Thank you, Beverly, I hope you know how we appreciate what you do for us!

Here are some of my favorite pumpkins made from vintage chenille spreads...I have had them forever.....a black cat I painted upteen years ago and a set of Mammies from Virgina that my dear neighbor brought to me this week as she felt they would be perfect in the "pumpkin patch." Thank you, Pat!

This has been a ho hum week, just quiet and peaceful, nothing much going on... I worked while the rain pounded down and I think those of you that know me, know how I love the rain. It is so calming..... Probably the most exciting thing was the squirrel on the window in the previous post.....

The leaves are really coming down now and our Burning Bushes are starting to turn that burning red. I don't know why I did not take pictures and will tomorrow for a post this next week. They are beautiful....the red is more blue than orange and beautiful against all the golds....

I have been happily working on a custom order with ribbon is getting to be a task finding the ribbons anymore and in the colors I work with and since I love to do this, I am going to have to find a good source.....I have made a few things for eBay, but it is sooooo slow there and with the sad losses of jobs and homes, I think we will just be fortunate for any sales. They say the recession is over....who are they??? And with the over flow in fuels in our storage facilities, THEY ARE UPPING THE PRICES AND THAT INCLUDES HOME FUELS, TOO! Well, no use fussing about what we have no control over....I have such a time learning to "go with the flow!" lol! :-)

Here is a peek at what I did this week for EBAY

The first picture is of a Cake Saver which my hubby patiently painted for me and then I did the little blue bows and roses....all differnt all the way around. This is complete with the footed vintage glass cake plate.....I think it turned out very sweet and dainty.....

And next, a cute little cone bag that is so versatile....fill it with candies, dried posies or silks. Use it as a gift bag for a small present....two gifts in one. And, hang it anywhere from door knobs to shelf hooks for a sweet Cottage accent.

And last, a pair of little sachet booties that I finished this afternoon with some ribbon embroidery.....they make nice little gifts and with a pair, you can keep one and give one...

Thank you for stopping by on your way thru all the pretty pink blogs.....I enjoy all of your comments and wish you could all come for tea and a chat!
Cozy Hugs,

Looking For Nuts.....

Here is one of the naughty squirrels that love to dig up my flower beds looking for nuts....I heard a commotion, the other morning, and when I went to investigate I was astounded to see a squirrel looking in a bedroom window.....Quickly I ran to get the camera, not expecting him to still be there, and there he was! He ran up and down and all around the window for about fifteen minutes and what I really think he was doing was looking for a way in.

A few years ago hubby had to climb up and close up a place between the gutter system and the house where they had been living. It was a small separation that the installers missed when putting a new system on the house, but they had made them selves at home and we had quite a time, after it was sealed to keep them from chewing the house to get back in there....They are determined little creatures!

Look at that little paw....

I just wanted to share this sweet occurance with you this morning and now I must get busy!
Hope you are all having a great day!