Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Come For Tea...

I am so happy you could come and have tea with me this morning!

The tea is hot...would you like cream or a slice of lemon? We are having Jasmine tea today...

Do you take sugar?

I baked my special yellow cake.....I do hope you enjoy it!

You like my new damask napkins? Well, thank you....I found these in an antique store not long ago and thought they were pretty, too!

Having tea together is such fun....something I look forward to as I love tea and it is much more enjoyable sharing it with someone. My dear Granna and I would have tea and she would always get out the Lorna Doone cookies that we both enjoyed. They were always put on a pretty plate and even though she and Grandpa were then in a small apartment in San Diego with no formal dining room, just an eat in kitchen....tea was served in a pretty teapot with pretty cups and saucers. We would sit and talk and talk and talk. After we had our "spot" of tea, I would clean up for her and then we would either take a walk or sit and knit. Sometimes, I would help her with her laundry and hang it out for her. She and I knit sweaters and little booties, caps and just everthing my expected baby would need.
When I think of tea, I always have a picture of my beloved Granna in my mind as I am fixing a cup....such special warm memories.
Thank you for visiting and I hope you left feeling refreshed after your cup of Jasmine tea....come back soon....
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