Saturday, April 18, 2009

**Pink Saturday**

Hi Everyone!

Oh my goodness....I went to bed and woke up and realized I HAD NOT DONE PINK SATURDAY! So, here I am at 1:21am with blurry eyes and I hope it will make sense because I all I want to do is go back to bed!!

This is the first night the window has been open for soft warm breezes. You don't know how I have been waiting for this. Windows and doors open, the grass green, the buds getting bigger everyday on the trees and more and more flowers deciding it is safe to come up now. Ahhhhh! Spring!

The little picture, above, is of me and three of my precious sons in Washington, DC. The boys are all grown up now with families and careers. How we loved to visit all there is to see and do in that beautiful city! We lived in Manassas, Va. about an hour away and hubby worked in DC.

The flowers at the base of the china frame has real pink dried roses tucked among the fabric ones. I was so happy when the pink stayed pink!
And, that pretty frame I purchased in Disneyland upteen years ago. Why can't we find pretty hand painted frames like this anymore???

Below is a sweet pin cushion that I made this week and is available on eBay for purchasing! Pink Roses, of course! Pin Cushions seem to be all the rage right now for collecting. Even if you don't sew they are pretty accents..........

Don't forget to visit Beverly > for a world of beautiful pink blogs to visit. She is our gracious host for these fun Pink Saturdays at How Sweet The Sound.

Have a happy weekend and a great week!

Friday, April 10, 2009

**Happy Pink Saturday*&*Happy Easter**

The store was so busy today with carts piled with food and Easter grass in all colors and cartons of eggs to be eaten and dyed.

I always loved Easter when I was a child and passed on to mine all the fun things to do that I grew up with. They had so much messy fun dying the eggs and like all parents, we were up way before any of the little ones to play Easter Bunny and hide them.

This year we are staying home, just the two of us. Calls will be made to our children and grandchildren, but hopefully, the sun will be out and it will be warm enough to work in the gardens and have potato salad and ham.

I found I was not very prepared for Pink Saturday as this week just flew by too fast. We just finished an Easter Swap on Etsy Cottage Style where many beautiful and sweet things were swapped. I thought I would share what my partner, Molly, from Fluer de Bee sent to me.

An Easter Egg all glittered in German Glass glitter with the surprise of five little yellow chicks inside.

A darling glittered bunny

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Truism For Today

If not Benjamin Franklin, then leave it to Mark Twain, to observe and then eloquently and to the point, write such a statement.
Need I say more with the chaotic mess in Washington today ????
One more thing.....Socialism is NOT AMERICAN.....More than ever, our great country needs our prayers to keep America safe and strong with the values it was founded on for our precious children and grandchildren and theirs!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April At Last.......Welcome To Pink Saturday!!!

Be sure and visit Beverly of How Sweet The Sound to find lots of sweet pink blogs to visit this Pink Saturday!

My week was rather hectic and chaotic!!! When I finally was able to wind down today and get back was just too late to take any good pictures so, I thought my something PINK will just be my new blog template that Debbie of COTTAGE TREASURES designed for me. Wanting something pink and fru fru she did a wonderful job, don't you agree? I am thrilled with it, but not surprised, as everything she creates is beautiful.

Debbie is Marionberry and I am sure many of you know her and all of her "Pretties" that she creates. She is also our new leader of Etsy Cottage Style, as well as having her own web store and her Etsy shop. She is very busy, but always takes the time to help with any computer problems and to work with you on your design in just the friendliest, nice way! I feel very blessed to know her!

Hope you are all having a Happy Pink Saturday and do have a wonderful week, too!

Thank you, Beverly, for hosting this great event, especially when you are caring for you Mother. I hope she is feeling a bit better and not in too much pain! You two stay in my prayers!