Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hi Everyone......I am up early to get this posted.....I could not get to it yesterday as we are dealing with a serious family issue and it makes concentration on anything else difficult!! I am sure you can all sometime or other!

A nice neighbor came over with these roses this week....they have such a lovely fragrance and they are PINK! A couple of mornings later I woke up an explosion of pink petals and thought it looked so pretty I took a picture to share....

I had several Peony blooms this year....usually I don't get any or only one or two...but those naughty black squirrels we have, here, ate off all the bloom heads except two. This is one of the two! You do not know how frustrated I get at those creatures! They bite off the heads, open them up and leave a pile of tiny pink petals just to get me. Just like what they did with many of the tulip buds. Uggggggg!

A little Pin Cushion you can see at my EBAY auctions along with other "Pretties" in PINK some of which are below.....One in BLUE, too...

These beautiful handpainted porcelain buttons were a gift from my friend Kate of

If you are not familiar with this lovely Boutique, you will quickly fall in love once there....don't forget to Bookmark her site so you can go back often!

Thank you for visiting this beautiful PINK SATURDAY and have fun roaming thru all the other delectable pinkie blogs thanks to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound...

Hugs To All....Jil