Monday, April 30, 2012

What Not Party~You Are Invited ♥

=We at ETSY COTTAGE STYLE  are having a party....a party of our "what-nots."  This party is a surprise party as we have an extra Monday this month.....I hope we will find a way to have this party from time to time because I think it is so much fun to see others treasures....I have many "what nots", but I am just showing you my very olde Hoosier cabinet and what is on it at the moment.  *It is one of my lifes pleasures to arrange and rearrage from time to time.*

I am just sharing this little bit of my little treasures as I have showed all of my what nots at some time or other.....

This is a part of a Robins Egg from last year, sitting in the daintiest little nest our granddaughter Miss Allie found in her NY yard a few years ago and saved for me.....Bless her!  I love it, it is such a treasure just like her....
My spoon rack painted by our Celestina Marie
The top of the Hoosier Cabinet.  The pitcher with four china glasses a gift from my husband for our tenth anniversary and found in Prescott, AZ.
The card, behind the china, of Madonna and Child is a Christmas card from our youngest daughter....I love it and I love it there as I can see it when I sit and read in my favorite chair...
My condiment stand, another anniversary gift and it came from Washington state, when we were living there...

Miss Allie when she was very little in a sunflower frame with a petite teapot that is an artichoke..
I got this with a carrot teapot from my dear friend at her shop in Brawley, CA. I will show them on another post together....

This little clay pot, sitting by Allie in the sunflower frame was made by her one day when she about five  *she is now 17*  She knew even then, how I love flowers and so with her own ingenuity she got my craft glue and her drawing paper and this little pot and went to creating...When she handed it to me she said, "Now you will always have a flower to look at."  Priceless and so dear to my heart!  What better "what not" is this?

So, this is my what not share for today and I do hope we have another of these parties one day!
Hugs and Smiles
Jil ♥

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hello Pink Loving Friends!  Did you all have a marvelous week?  Did you create all you wanted to?  For me this week, once again, just flew by.  With our darling Miss Allie here, things are busy and I like it that way!  When she goes home, June 9th, coming back to this empty house minus her sweet presence will be tough!  No more happily running here and there, no more of her music (which she is very polite about and keeps low, although I keep telling her to turn it up ), her giggles and her smiles, washing and folding her clothes, wondering what she is craving for dinner.....No doubt about it, so I am readying my mind for this not so happy time, but feel soooo blessed for this very special time with her and....we still have several weeks to enjoy! All we want is for her happiness as she has had far too many bumps, unnecessary bumps already in her young life from a very early age. Acts I am afraid I can never forgive, or understand! />
Beverly is our so nice hostess of our Pink Saturday go over and say "Hi" to her and find all the other "girls" that love pink! My PINK begins with a few of the roses I am making for an order of cookies, cupcakes and cake nice to wake up to an order!!! ;)  
And more roses, this time in fabric, that I am creating for a project which I will share when I have it completed....
This morning I was in my closet and my eye fell on this robe....I have had it well over twenty years and found it at Nordstroms in San Diego, when we lived there. Sigh!
I used this robe in summer and I love the details...two small buttons together then a space then more buttons down the front, open work, dainty pink satin piping, lace, a big ruffle at the bottom and at the can't help buy feel feminine and special when wearing this pretty robe! I am going to give it a soak and iron it all pretty and go back to wearing it this won't be long until it will be "vintage", like it's owner. lol!
Bye For Now... Enjoy your weekend and the week ahead and we will talk soon! Many Happy Blessings! ♥ Jil

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pretty Drawstring Bags.....

Hello everyone....First to all the Etsy Cottage Style friends that caught my mistake this morning....I am sorry!  I thought I had entered the name of my blog as that is where I was writing, or trying to write on this new Blogger layout.  I have to say I do not like this layout at all and why did you have to change it....are you listening, Blogger?

Etsy Cottage Style is having a little party called Welcome To The Cottage Craft Room and I hope you will go over and look at the blogs and what these creative ladies have been doing.... I have been working on drawstring bags, pretty bags for gift giving or for keeping rooms and dressers neat and pretty.  Here is my latest and also a picture of my sewing nook.  I call it that, as we downsized to a very small cottage bungalow with the smallest guest room I have ever seen!
And a few more bags.... This bag has the sweetest little figures from Beatrice Potters book Jemima Puddle Duck...Just click on the pictures to see them with larger and with more detail...
Have a happy day! Jil ♥

Friday, April 20, 2012

Finally, A Pink Saturday

(A Gardenia tree waiting for warmer weather to grace our porch. Can't you just smell it's heavenly fragrance?)

Oh my! I am afraid my blog has become a casualty of my running here and there with a seventeen year old granddaughter and keeping up things around the home and yard as well as creating! What exciting fun it all is and how good this new schedule is for us! It keeps us on our toes and everyday we look forward to what will be.... Up really early for the short drive to her high school and back again to pick her up. That is the best part as the house now feels lonely without her precious presence. Then, off to where she needs to go and often that is the Y. The kids meet there to swim and work out and I like that. Good healthy fun! She got here a little too late to be involved in school activities. For sports there is a cut off date and so she could not play the soccer she enjoys so much! She goes roller bladeing and has a new skate board she is learning to master....And, there will be a concert at her school where she has a solo. She has a beautiful voice and we are so thrilled that she is here so we will be able to attend and hear her!!!!! Oh, and did I mention she has two of the sweetest girl friends. Not bad for only being here six weeks!
And, at the prom last Saturday night....our girl, our Miss A., is in the short purple dress...

As to pinks....well, the gardens are just waking up again, as after our unexpected and early warming, Mother Nature rethought it all and sent us some very cold weather....the flowers became confused! Many of the bulbs did not bother to come up and the Bleeding Hearts are are smaller, so far, this year....So, maybe, hopefully, some pinks from the garden for you all, next week....In the meantime, I took this picture of a plate on a double shelf in the little guest/sewing has darling little pink roses... the drieds in the old bottle? Dried Lily Of The Valley....just pick a bunch and let the water evaporate in the bottle and they will turn a soft, golden hue....I find them so charming!

A beautiful little plate newly listed at The Ruffled Rose
And this incredible set below, in pristine condition and from England, I found at an estate sale for a silly price....I was so happy it was hard not to do a little dance! :)

Now I am off to look at as much PINK as I can....
To visit all the blogs for Pink Saturday just click here Beverly and it will take you on a wonderous pink journey....And, thank you Beverly, for being such a marvelous hostess! ♥