Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning And Creating

The weather doesn't say Spring, but my internal clock says it is time for some spring cleaning and that is just what I have been doing. It is kind of a good thing the weather is too cold with snow on the ground to even consider any gardening. When the weather does decide to play nice, I will be all ready to go out and do some work in the yard knowing the inside chores will be done and that monkey on my back will not be there! After months inside, you can't begin to imagine, what a pleasure that will be!!! Ahh...fresh air and sunshine, sitting on the porch with some sweet tea and thunderstorms....I can hardly wait! And, taking some much needed walks....I hate to say it, but this winter put a little weight where I do not need it!!! I have even purchased, in anticipation, some of those new shoes to work your legs, butt and tummy....

Besides cleaning and straightening I have been working....the day does not feel complete unless I have been creating and here is what is new at My Website


I am taking down some curtains today to wash and iron and that will my project in the cleaning department for today!
Hope your day is all you want it to be!
Jil xo