Monday, November 29, 2010


Just popping in to show you the newest of my Christmas stockings and one of my favorites....I love, this now retired fabric by Susan Zulauf, I know many of you do, too...And knowing that, I made the entire back these little cuties...
Click on the pictures for a larger and more detailed view )

And for Christmas sparkle, what better than a rhinestone Christmas Tree pin???

Even if you are not in the need of a new Christmas Stocking....these little guys are just fun to look at....but if you are, you can see more of this fun stocking at The Ruffled Rose

We have a big rain storm heading in and I hope and pray it stays rain and does not turn to snow...I know it will one of these days, but if we can put it off a little longer, that would be a joy!
Toasty Hugs,