Saturday, September 25, 2010


Pink Lips made by my visiting from Texas, granddaughter when we were making clay roses....when she is gone they will sit by my sewing machine and everytime I look at them, I will think of her....
Before I continue...please visit Beverly for this weeks list of sweet pinkies to will find lots of glorious blogs to enjoy! And, thank you Beverly, for making all this happen for us!!!
And now, back to bits of PINK...
The magnifying glass with the little pink rose is from my youngest daughter from several years ago...I don't think a day goes by that I don't use it...

Little bits of pink in my sewing room....the wishes are from my oldest sweet!

These silk hankies are a soft whisper pink and I enjoy looking at them very much!

A Faux Pink and White Cupcake and a useful jar with a pretty handpainted rose....

A Marvelous Vintage Mug for your morning tea or coffee

Freshly made clay roses....Miss J. and I have had such fun making them....I love the ones that have her fingerprints!

Yummy! Freshly baked banana bread on a pink and white roses plate...

Some of my storage boxes in my sewing room....I like pretty and differnt containers...they inspire...

Love having you visit and love the comments...they inspire me, too!
Sweet Saturday Hugs,

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Bit Of Frou Frou For Friday~~

I just finished these vintage teaspoons....they are now sweet little ornament/accents to hang wherever and they will look perfect on the shabby Christmas tree, too....they hang from pretty pastel ribbons in sugar pink, mint, white and peachy pink....each has the roses sugared with German Glass Glitter and there are little posies that are vintage and new....each has a little rose on the back and are signed by me....the spoons are all sealed...two have darling tiny bells that really jingle....

PS You can see more of these ornaments at THE RUFFLED ROSE

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some New Pretties

~SOLD~ :)

This sweet, new Christmas cupcake with plate can be purchased at THE RUFFLED ROSE
The cupcake is a new style measuring 4" across the top and tapering to 2" at the base. The cake is a luscious pale whisper pink with white and four sweet and tiny pink ribbon bows...The little, 2", tree is adorned with vintage posies in pink, butter, and blue with a tiny pink Mulberry paper rose at the top. The base is wrapped in a pink and pearl tulle shabby and sweet!
The plate is new. Gorgeous white roses on cream.... perfect for serving Christmas cookies....

This is another new listing at THE RUFFLED ROSE In The Armoire under New Items....Hope you will drop by and take a look at all our new items...

A pretty vintage, shallow bowl with amazing transfer roses and a pretty cupcake.

Wishing all a rosy, sweet day!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday is here and I just did not have a moment to prepare. You see, we are blessed with a visit from our oldest Texas granddaughter taking a break from college. I don't know about her, but we are enjoying her so much! Anyway, with doing this and that, my good intentions did not pan out so, I am going back into my pictures to see what I can back in a minute! don't go away...

Well...look what I found...I think this will do...lots of pretty pink to enjoy here!
**Click on the picture for a larger look**

And don't forget to visit our dear host Beverly for this weeks list of delicious pink blogs to visit. That is where I am off to now...
With A Wave And A Hug,
PS I have ten more followers to go to have "200" and when I reach that magic number I will have my first give-a-way! Maybe this Pink Saturday will put me there??? So,I hope you will be watching for it will be something special, pretty and with pink!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Yesterday, was rainy and dark and a good day to get out my paternal grandmothers silver....(we have our oldest Texas granddaughter with us) Some of the pieces had been out and had turned dark and she remembered something she had seen somewhere....toothpaste removes tarnish quickly and, she went to work. Needless to say, we have to make a run to the store today for lots of toothpaste as I have a few, large pieces of silver that need a good polishing, too! Bless her heart! She is looking for projects and I am afraid she might be getting bored with her much older than 20 grandparents!

While she was scrubbing away, at the kitchen sink, I added some pretty vintage linens to my open kitchen cupboards and am so satisfied with the "look".

I am not getting much done, but that is OK, as I will probably never have our Jacque here like this again. She is taking a break from college this semester, she is a junior, and she just learned she passed the exam to enter Federal Law Enforcement. We are so grateful she wanted to come and "hang out" with us for a bit. She is wonderful company as she is so smart and so interested in everything and we all have fascinating conversations!

Wishing you all a happy day!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Fall Walk Across The River

Fall is here and it is a great time to get out for walks and little excursions.....a favorite place of ours is the Swinging Bridge across the Black River about half an hour North of Port Huron.....This pretty, lazy river winds behind Croswell, a sweet small town with beautiful older homes. The area surrounding the bridge is kept so pretty, so picturesque, and once across the river you are in a well kept park. Having a good swing is a must while over there.....

We have our oldest Texas granddaughter visiting with us and that made the day even more delightful.....

Here and there we found a red or golden Maple leaf, but the trees haven't started turning yet.....I imagine they will in a couple of weeks. The day was so perfect and we stopped in Lexington on our way back to prowl the shops and have a hamburger the little town is known for...Wimpy' was delicious and the perfect end to the perfect day!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This is such a pretty fall day! And, yes, it is definitely fall. A tree here and there is beginning to turn and the air has a coolness that says "Fall." So with thoughts turning to cooler weather and all that comes with fall, I made this cute little pillow/door or shelf charmer...

This little gal is so cute! I put her with colors of wine and maroon that work with our is not an easy task introducing some fall among all our pretty pink shabbiness...

You can see more of this cutie at The Ruffled Rose

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Bit Of Frou Frou

Above is a bit of Frou Frou to dress up your romantic bedroom or bath...use this pretty and feminine hanger cover from a hook or the top of a door, alone or with a lovely gown, dress or nighty....

It is made using such pretty fabrics and then adorned with ribbon embroidery and vintage linens, faux pearls, vintage bling and Swarovski crystals, double vintage lace ruffle and fully raw edges...

You can see more of this pretty at The Ruffled Rose

Thank you for stopping by....
Warm And Fuzzy Hugs,

Friday, September 3, 2010


Hello...I'm late....whats is one of my flaws! I started this yesterday, but then hubby and I REMEMBERED.....IT WAS OUR 41st ANNIVERSARY. We took some time for ourselves and it was late when we got home, so that ment I slept in a bit this morning and this is my excuse and I am sticking to it!!!!

Here is a picture, out of many, that I took for the December Romantic Homes ad...I think this is full of frou frou....lots of the lovely jewelry by Missy Michelle...

**Click on the picture and you can see lots more pretty detail**

And this is not frou frou, but nice to look at ..... my honey of a son with his daughter...she is off to her first year of college and he helps to keep the borders safe flying the US/Mexican border...

Be sure and go over and visit CONNIE to enjoy more Frou Frou this beautiful Friday...wait 'til you see her tulips!!!!!
Be Happy!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summers Flowers

I was playing around in PhotoShop this evening, learning to make a collage or mosaic....I took some of my pictures of this years flowers and thought it turned out not too I decided to post it....I am learning the control of the corners to make it the size I want and learning the layers to put it above or below a picture. It is great fun....

I do love playing around with the computer and different programs....I got myself into a little trouble yesterday trying to make something happen with my website and made it such a mess my designer had to work on it for FOUR HOURS. I am lucky she is such a sweetheart, for she is extremely busy and she stopped what she was doing to straighten out my mess... God Love Her!!

Off for a bubble bath...the weatherman promised rain and thunderstorms tonight..I hope he delivers as our grass is absolutely parched....with a hot West wind the flowers can not stay hydrated and so they look tired and droopy......the way I felt after a day of grocery and other necessary shopping, today!

Wishing You Sweet Dreams!