Friday, October 29, 2010

Soap Or Eats

BOOOooooOOO HAPPY HALLOWEEN Bloggerland Sweet Pink Chics....

If you go and visit Beverly you will find some sweet Treats with no Tricks....just lots of fun blogs to visit!

I have to tell you a cute little Halloween story that my dear Mom told me a long time ago. Now when Mom told the story she gave lots of detail that I have forgotten. I was very young when she told me the story of her first Halloween in Des Moines, Iowa, about 1920, where she had her first teaching job. She grew up in a very small Iowa town where the kids got together and had lots of Halloween fun with some naughtiness thrown tipping over an outhouse while a grumpy neighbor was inside and running tick tacks up windows, but somehow they did not go trick or treating is my understanding or she would have understood the two young boys who knocked on her apartment door....

They opened the door to two young goblins that said, "Soap or Eats." Mom thought they must be hungry or they wanted some soap. She and Dad were about to sit down to dinner, so she had the stunned boys come in and she sat them down and fed them DINNER! Now the way she told it, I could picture these two boys about ten or eleven who were expecting some candy for their bags and were probably too surprised to protest sitting quietly eating dinner with my parents. I do know they said not a word and when they were finished, they very politely got up, said "Thank You" and fled. I still laugh about that little story and wonder what they told their parents and later their own children about the strange couple that did not have any candy, but fed them!

Moms Dad was the country doctor for miles around. Grandpa had a heart of gold, but he was stern and my poor Mama was always getting herself into trouble for the pranks she could not help but fall into! The morning after the outhouse was tipped over, she told me Grandpa said casually, I heard that old Mr So And So was using his outhouse when it mysteriously fell over..I don't suppose any of you know anything about that.....Mom said she could feel herself blush and her heart beat faster, but on that occasion, that was all Grandpa said or did. Her older sister, Adrianna, was always looking at Mama in horror of the things she would get into...she would regale me with her little stories and I would laugh until my sides ached...Me? I was the opposite...I was a good girl! Ha!

Be Good, Be Safe And By All Means Enjoy Those Treats!