Monday, September 21, 2009

The day has come and gone with the treasured visit from our son. It was so good to have him here, even just for a few hours. And, he brought the nicest man with him....also a pilot. This man's father is a good friend of my husbands and he, too was a pilot....a well known pilot in the US Border Patrol during "our good old days." (Being married to an agent was not only exciting, but you felt such pride in they work the do in keeping our country safe.)

The day started with sheets of heavy rain in the wee hours of the morning. No lightening, just rain that was heavy and loud and almost violent. A friend and I were talking about what a downpour it was and how it lasted off and on for many hours. I believe this is some of the storm that has devastated many parts of the SE.

The day was not good for pictures, but Clay is coming back on Wednesday, before he heads back to Texas on Thursday, and weather and light permitting, I will get some good pictures for my albums.
Here is a picture that is much better taken last summer when he was up for more special meetings.

What a blissful day and we even had lunch at the Olive Garden, too! Now I am happily looking forward to Wednesday!

If you scroll down a bit to an earlier posting you will see a pretty young woman in a bright pink top....that Jacque, is his oldest daughter