Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hello and Welcome.......I am so happy you stopped by this PINK SATURDAY and please go to BEVERLY AT HOW SWEET THE SOUND for this Saturday's list of "pinkies" to visit. Don't we have fun?

I have been gone for the past month having a blissful time with grandchildren and a daughter. I didn't make it on last Saturday as we switched servers and OH MY! what a bloomin' mess. Hours on the phone trying to get things to work and a cranky router to deal with, too. My matter how good the deal...DON'T CHANGE! I think it is starting to work, knock wood, .......

Then, one afternoon, a week ago, I finished up what I was doing on the computer and wondered what it took to change my ebay name. As if enough wasn't going on!! I went and looked, tried one of several names I wanted to see the availability of, hit SAVE, thinking this will save it for me if, at a later date I want to do this, and to my shock and dismay, I HAD A NEW EBAY ID!!!! agatheringofroses....... eBay was no help, I called them immediately, but they have a 30 day rule, and tears did not sway this callous man, so the 20th of September I will change it back to Adrianna's Boutique.

Why, you are asking did I want to change? I chose this name in the first place, as it is my given name and I never use it except for legal documents. No one, other than my family is able to pronounce it correctly with a soft A and the spelling, I believe, may throw people, too. Being an old family name, and liking it, I thought this the perfect place to get to use it. But in retrospect, I know it may be hard to remember and maybe, for many to spell, so I thought a change might be easier for people to remember, but NOT DURING THE CHRISTMAS BUYING SEASON!!!

And, while I love this new name, it is a bit too close to another's and confusing the customer was not in my game plan, either!! :-)

Anyway, three more weeks to go and this blunder will go away!

Here is a name I have been toying with ..Adrianna's Say It With Roses...any opinions or should I stick to Adrianna's Boutique?? It is like rearranging just get that itch for a change...

This pretty lass, in a bright pink top, is Jacque and one of my 11 darling granddaughters. She lives in the great state of Texas and starts her sophmore year in college this Fall......she is extremely independent and has many talents, including charming her Grandma! Love you, Jacque xo

This romantic Christmas Stocking has an adorable image by Frances Brudage....and is for sale at my auctions on EBAY As well as the lovely hanger cover, below.

These pretty covers are not only practical, but they make a pretty romantic accent as well.

Well, that is all for this Pink Saturday....if you have any ideas about my eBay ID, I am all ears!
Hugs and Kisses,