Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday is here and I just did not have a moment to prepare. You see, we are blessed with a visit from our oldest Texas granddaughter taking a break from college. I don't know about her, but we are enjoying her so much! Anyway, with doing this and that, my good intentions did not pan out so, I am going back into my pictures to see what I can back in a minute! don't go away...

Well...look what I found...I think this will do...lots of pretty pink to enjoy here!
**Click on the picture for a larger look**

And don't forget to visit our dear host Beverly for this weeks list of delicious pink blogs to visit. That is where I am off to now...
With A Wave And A Hug,
PS I have ten more followers to go to have "200" and when I reach that magic number I will have my first give-a-way! Maybe this Pink Saturday will put me there??? So,I hope you will be watching for it will be something special, pretty and with pink!