Thursday, April 22, 2010

~The Healing Wonder Of A Birds Song~

I just received this in an email and thought my blogging "tweets" would enjoy reading this amazing bit of information....Don't you just love to hear the birds? I know I is always with great joy in the spring that I throw open the windows to enjoy their songs.....our first evening home we were greeted with the melodious song of a Phoebe. When I hear the first Phoebe singing phoebe, phoebe, phoebe, I know that the harsh winter has passed and the sweetness of spring is here.

The little dears above are Barn Swallows....I was captivated by how small and dainty they are! It was a bit hard to capture them as they flit here and there and I do wish I could have gotten a better view up close...With their peachy breasts and midnight blue feathers with a forked tail they are just a little delight! The shop, of whose sign they are resting on is another delight....Javalinas and Hollyhocks is a treasure trove of wonderful items from around the world, creams and lotions and a whole room of amazing books and unusual, creative and educational toys for the little ones. It is a shop I always look forward to shopping in when I am in Ft. Davis, TX.

Offering a few sunflower seeds in barter for an uplifting cantata hardly seems to be a fair trade!
Who would know that birdsong is good for the health? I recently learned of a German therapy known as “Samonas” that utilizes sounds of nature to stimulate the nerve cells in the brain, enabling calmness and clarity. There is evidence that crashing waves and sea gull cries create intense electrical activity in the left hemisphere of the brain stimulating language while tested subjects were relaxed, alert and focused. A related story tells of an English banker who suffered a massive stroke. This left him with the inability to speak intelligibly, yet the sound of birds’ chirping revived his articulate speech once again. The theory behind this natural healing is built upon the premise that our subconscious is triggered by an innate response to nature. A dose of melodious robin is much sweeter than a hard-to-swallow pill.

Spring brings such a dramatic array of weather conditions that exhilarate the senses. A rosy dawn is announced by a choir of warblers followed by a menacing mound of charcoal clouds illuminated by the wrath of an eminent thunderstorm. With eyes closed, one could determine the weather condition merely by the tone of the tweets. Birds’ lighthearted singing gives way to a cacophony of frenzied chirps. As much as I love my music, the stereo is silenced to an open window when Mother Nature offers her soundtrack of thunder, moaning wind, and rain. Life takes on a deeper meaning when the overwhelming beauty of the outdoors reminds us that our man-made existence is merely a backdrop to all that is real.

May a songbird provide the background music of your day.