Friday, September 30, 2011

Fabulous Product And Pink Saturday

Hello Friends....I want to introduce you to an old friend of mine and an old friend to many of you from eBay a few years ago. JannyKathleen. Jan is a fabulous stained glass artist and designer. She also creates the most scrumptious Christmas stockings, pillows and so much more with fabric. She sold fabrics, too. The beautiful ones we all love. And, she is the nicest person!!!!

The last few years she turned her creative talents to developing a bath salt from the finest of that had a lovely scent to relax, was silky to our skin and very luxurious. Well, she did all of that and more. I am in love with her product and after using it, will never consider any other bath salt in my tub!!!

Do you hate the rocks that all bath salts are? How many times have you uncomfortably sat on them? Not with Essential Bliss! These salts are ground fine so that the moment you put your toe into the water, to when you sit down, there is only lovely fragrance with soft foamy bubbles and silky wonderful water you never want to get out of.....
**Click On The Picture To Make It Larger To Read The Pretty Packets**

Above are the pretty and generous sized packages with all the delicious hard to choose just one.....
Do you see the 25% off coupon?? Well dash on over to visit her BLOG and take advantage of the coupon for the celebrations of her opening and visit her Etsy store where you can choose the packets, wonderful stocking stuffers, or the jars....wonderful gifts, too.
I just visited her Etsy Store and found she has a 50% off, one time only, coupon for your entire order. What a deal with Christmas fast approaching!

And, with this being Pink Saturday...don't forget to visit Beverly's to find all our pink and wonderful participants.....and leave Beverly a comment to say "Hi."
With Happy Thoughts....

Friday, September 23, 2011

~Autumnal Equinox And Pink Saturday~

The first sign in our beautiful Maple tree that Fall really is on the way and Geraniums blooming happily unaware on the porch below...

Hi All.....Welcome to Pink Saturday and the first day of Fall....The Northern Hemisphere's Autumnal Equinox of this year and .... did you know the reason we are a day late this year? It is because during the month of July, the earths rotation was a bit slower....somehow this will make Spring one day sooner and an extra day of Spring is always a good thing! And, did you know that this is the only day of the year that earth is straight on her axis and all the countries will have the same amount of light and darkness? Aren't I just a book of information? lol!!
We mustn't be late to Pink Saturday, so be sure to buzz on over to Beverly's to find everyone's posts.....thank you Bev for this special PINK day!

And, if you would like to read more about this amazing phenomenon,the Fall Equinox, here is the link to the National Geographic site to read all about it..... it is truly fascinating. I am going back to read it again, as I am a bit confused about the difference between the equinox and solstices....

Did you all have a good week? I hope are a couple of new things I was busy doing this week and you can see more of them at MY WEBSITE

Click on the pictures to see them larger and with more details....

I am getting ready for the Fall holidays and Christmas. My sewing room has patterns and fabric all stacked and ready to go...a busy gal I will be!

Wishing you happy Fall days 'til next time....

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello Pink Saturday Friends......I hope this was a great week for you and you are ready to stroll through all the sweet pink blogs. You know to run over to Beverly's to find everyone....Be sure and leave her a comment so she knows how much you appreciate this event! I know I do! Thank you, Beverly!

Another quiet week. Nothing wrong with that!! A little yard work, a little painting, a little sewing. Just a little of this and that. And, quite a few little naps. Mid afternoon rolls around and I find I have heavy eyes that a little shut eye takes care of. Do you suppose it is "Fall Fever?" lol! :-) With Christmas coming I am going to have to really step up my working and my cutting table is stacked with patterns and the fabrics I will be painting table is ready and waiting.

I have been working on spoons and have some listed on my WEBSITE Here is one of them. The pretty spoon rack it is hanging in was done by Celestina Marie and, of course, is not for sale. I will never part with it and in time it will go to one of my Texas granddaughters, Jacquelynn along with part of my collection of pretty and unusual silver spoons. Many belonged to my grandmother on my dad's side of the family.

Some of my Zinnias. Somehow, I only purchased seeds for the petite Zinnias. I love them, but I wanted some of the luscious big ones, too. I will have to be more careful in reading the seed packets next year! I was late in planting them because of our chilly and rainy spring, but they are in glorious bloom now! Along with the Morning Glory's!

Aren't these laces pretty all piled on one another? It is a little stack of beautiful vintage Southern Belle runners that I am deciding what to do with....

I hope you had a nice little visit....I am now off to make my Pink Saturday rounds!
Happy Pink Saturday my sweet friends!
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Friday, September 9, 2011


Hello and Welcome my Pink Saturday Pinkies...When you leave my post, run over to Beverly's to find the list of all the wonderful blogs and their show of PINK...

And, let us never forget the horror of September 11, 2001 and all those brave, innocent souls that perished at the hands of evil. God Bless America and keep her safe and free from the radicals that are trying to change her.

God Bless America,

Friday, September 2, 2011

~42 Years And Pink Saturday, Too~

("T" for Tom and "J" for Jil )

**Click on pictures to see them with more detail** )
Happy Pink Saturday everyone! Guess what! Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary....42 years! WOW! Those years cover a lot of territory....they started when my first four children were small and now they are grown and have families of their own. We had one of our own and her oldest is almost 17. Some are empty nesters with one, right now, in the US Border Patrol Academy and others in college. My oldest granddaughter is on her way to Cambodia to work for a short time with missionaries and learning to live off the land....she wants to see and feel another culture....I pray she will be safe in this dangerous world of today and especially in that part of the world.....with hubby's job in Federal Law Enforcement, we have lived in many places in our amazing country....he was overseas for long periods of time on special narcotics assignments and I was at home trying to keep the home fires going with nine children....did I say we were a blended family?

These years have had their up and their downs like all marriages do....I have to say that all the downs probably came from me...He feels quarreling is a waste of time, that through communication and patience all things can be worked out....well, almost all things...I am an Irish gal and not so patient, very emotional and extremely quick tempered, hard headed and excitable as he likes to say.....I am better now with age, more mellow I believe...I hope....I am blessed with a very centered man....intelligent and knowing who he is....kind and patient. He has been so good to me and mine. I came into this marriage with way too much baggage from the volatile first one and he just quietly is always there through stormy weather as well as all the beautiful days.....he is and will always be my hero!

Today is also our celebration of one of our favorite colors in the universe! PINK!
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I was thinking I was out of pinks to show you, when my eyes fell on my set by Laura Ashley from over twenty years ago...I am not sure if they even make this any longer as we do not have a Laura Ashley store anywhere close they even have stores any longer?? I used to frequent the sweet one in La Jolla, California often....I had all the beautiful accessories for the bathroom, including the shower curtain in roses with the matching balloon shade and towels edged in the same fabric.... I have always loved roses!!!

Soaps from a dear granddaughter...see, she knows my colors!

Sweet sentiment stones found at The Cracker Barrel a couple of years ago...

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend, my dear friends....the last "Hurrah" of summer...where did it all go???
See you soon!