Monday, October 5, 2009

Soft Comfort

There's comfort food most of us turn to in times of stress or unhappiness....what about comfort bedding? Sheets old and soft, familiar and comforting that wrap around us making us feel safe and cozy?

As I was changing sheets this morning, the day dark and rainy, I pulled out of the linen closet a set of such sheets that evoke all of the above feelings.....I really hate to admit that on figuring back to when I purchased these, they are twenty two years old! As I put them on I was thinking how pretty they still are after all the washings and in wonderful condition....That proves that spending a bit more, when you can, you get your monies worth and beyond.....

The pretty and pastel quilt I purchased almost that many years ago from Spiegel

and while I do not think it will endure many more washings, it, too is an old friend as is the comforter....part of the set by Mario Buatta purchased those twenty-two years ago that now make me feel safe, secure and comforted as I drift to dreamland.