Saturday, September 12, 2009


Welcome to PINK SATURDAY! This is the day that is so much fun for me, sitting in my "jammies" with a Dr. Pepper at hand cruising thru all the pink splendor! You will have fun too if you will just go to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... and you will see the list for today....Thank You, Beverly for hosting this event for us!

Well, I did not get much made this week or anything else, for that matter! As I had just stepped away from my glue gun with a big hot glob of glue on what I was gluing, the breeze from the ceiling fan whipped it out of my hand smack down on my left index finger. All I can tell you is that it is not a pretty sight! I have never been burned like this and I have had so many glue gun burns on my fingers I have lost count. I have even spent a couple of nights in the guest room with two bowls of ice water on the floor and me on the bed on my stomach with a hand in each bowl for some relief!!! Sound familiar???

This burn is pretty good size and d-e-e-p!! There is even a small hole close to my nail! What did I do? My hubby heard my little groans and came a small bowl and put Willards Water in it with water and in went my finger. Never heard of Willards Water? It is too complex for me to explain, but I hope you will Google it and you will be amazed at it's curative powers besides making everything grow lusher and bigger and vitamins more potent. I would not take it with medicine, tho. They use this amazing water in some burn units and once I learned about it I purchased some and found to my delight and relief that my glue gun burns were healed by the next day! Our home is never without it!!!!
This burn, however, is different and I imagine in a few days from now it will be better and the pain and swelling easing....thank heavens for Advil! And, for a dear and patient husband who has helped me around the house so much this week, even in MY kitchen!
So, with one hand I am doing this posting and I have to say I am getting faster and faster!

Here is a bit of pink from me for today.....some more of my pink roses that I have in pretty little vases all over the house. I think this will be the last blooming, altho I do see more buds......How I will miss them when their blooming is over!

And the two stockings I managed to make:

These can be found at my EBAY

And Todays:

Have a safe and happy week and if you are careful with the glue gun!!!!
xo Jil