Monday, July 18, 2011

~Happy Rose Drying~.

Good Morning Peeps.......I have something to share with you that is so exciting to me!
You know by now that I am so in love with my Eden roses.....I, even, lately purchased another big healthy bush of them. In time I hope to have them wandering beautifully over our two, not so pretty, chain link fences.

What I want to show is that I picked three of their heavenly blooms and put them in a pretty vase. I showed them off to you on another, earlier, post....Here they are, again....

Just like the white roses from a bouquet I gifted myself, last winter and just let rest in the vase I arranged them in....

My glorious Eden roses gave me the same gift....Left alone, not even changing the water, they dried on their own.

If you love dried blossoms as I do, just try cutting a few of your roses, put them in water and just leave them. Some roses will do this, some will not. I have found those roses that have many layers of petals, such as Eden, and some of the tea roses as the white ones, are your best bet.

Now I wish I had cut all of the blooms and let them dry....I love making wreaths and that is what I will be doing with these three.....when I have one created, I will share...
Have a happy day creating!