Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome Sweet Pink Loving Friends...Be sure and visit Beverly to see the list of wonderful blogs celebrating our love of pink...

Thanksgiving Day was quiet and cozy...just hubby and me. The house smelled delicious with all the cooking...the day was dark, rainy and very chilly, but we didn't mind. It was our day.

Almost ready...

We had decided to eat in mid-afternoon, so we could snack on the left overs in the evening....I got so busy getting the dishes to the table that I forgot to take a picture of our feast! Just take my word....everything turned out as it was supposed to and it was a perfect Thanksgiving! I hope each of you had such a special day, too!

And...a Christmas Stocking just finished today...more pictures at The Ruffled Rose

Rachal Ashwell fabric, an embroided Blue Bird and sweet ribbon embroidery...I am just starting to hit my stride making stockings and you will find them at my Etsy Shop, too. New ones almost every day! I am a bit behind because I just had an awful time letting go of summer and couldn't find my Christmas mood!

Have a sweet Saturday!