Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Faux Cakes And Dancing With The Stars

Hi everyone....I think Spring has forgotten us.....I hear that Massachusetts is expecting twelve inches of snow, so I mustn't complain too much! lol! We do not have any leaves out....the lilacs are trying with teeny, about half an inch, buds and the tulips are not being eager to send up their bloom shoots.....So, since it is much too chilly for any outdoor activities, I have been working away....

I wanted to show you this sweet and pink little cake I fashioned while watching the elimination on Dancing With The Stars, last night! (I was sorry to see Petra leave and I am betting on the football player, Hines Ward, to take home the mirror ball....I know anything can happen in the next four weeks, so really who knows, but I never expected him to have such grace and ability! He is amazing to watch!) Then after Dancing With The Stars was the new show Body Of Proof. Have you all been watching it with Dana Delaney? It is wonderful....a serious subject, but presented so well and entertaining at the same time...I love this show and and its characters and hope they have the good sense to not cancel it....the same goes for Castle....Missed it this week because they put in that goofy show Cougar Town which I, personally, think they could cancel....not my taste in humor.....Mercy I sound like a reviewer for TV!

So, here is my little faux cake and now back to work.....

Have a happy day!