Friday, July 29, 2011

~Pink Saturday~

Hello again, Sweet Pink Saturday! Before I say another word, I want to give you the link to Beverly's where you will find all the other blogs dressed in their pink finery! Be sure and say "Hi" to Beverly to let her know how much you enjoy this special day! I can't imagine a week without PINK SATURDAY!!

And, another week that has flown by. I can't make up my mind if this is a good thing or not.....the week was not unusual in any way....working in the gardens, creating, talking on the phone with friends and family, visiting with the neighbors....just a nice easy summer week. Sitting on the porch with a drink and a magazine and letting life drift by..... The kind of days you yearn for when the snow drifts are high.

I didn't know what to do this week for today, but I am painting and studying the roses I have, both real and painted. So, I was taking pictures and as I was printing them out to pin on my inspiration board I thought I would share them with you as they are so pretty....I am so happy God made roses for us, aren't you?!

Some of my roses that I want to improve on....

There are so many different ways in painting roses....each artist has their own unique style. It is so inspiring, to me, to just sit and study and absorb each different rendition.....I just yearn to paint them and hope in time I will finally get a rose that will satisfy this rose loving soul!

Before I leave to go Pink visiting....I want to leave you with this thought. There are times in all our lives when we get hurt by those we not understand why ...or feel that it is deserving. In a lovely book I am reading I found this and just wanted to share it with you:

Forgive And Forget.
Our Lord we thank thee, for so much.
We bless Thee and praise Thy Glorious Name.

Fill your world with Love and Laughter. Never mind what anguish lies behind you.
Forget, Forgive, Love and Laugh.
Treat all as you would treat Me, with love and consideration.
Let nothing others do to you alter your treatment of them.

Wishing you a lovely and peace filled week!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Hello Everyone....Are you all enjoying the heat wave? No. I didn't think so. Much as we yearned to be rid of the long winter with all the snow, I think we were not thinking of so much heat! I am blessed with central air, and believe me, it is a blessing, but we take a two mile walk every night and that is not fun right now. We walk on the boardwalk right next to the water and while it is a bit cooler, when you are trying to walk as fast as you can you get so hot and tired! I do it, though, with my water bottle! I really push myself and I was hoping for a fifteen pound weight loss by Monday, but I will be lucky to get to ten pounds. :( The older you get, the harder it is and I am determined to loose my "muffin top" by winter and sweater time.....

To get to all the other pink and sweet blogs just go to Beverly's and you will find them all for this Pink Saturday. While you are there, be sure and leave Beverly a comment.....we are so grateful to her for hosting this fun venue!

The little gal in the top picture is a memento from the craft show days....I keep her out to remember all those good times....

The cream stocking below, I just finished.....I love the sweet look of the tone on tone of says many things to me, shabby, pretty and classy. I love making the muslin roses and am making some to offer in my Etsy Shop soon.

This stocking has a picture pocket, lots of lovely vintage laces and can be seen HERE I have several more in all creams coming very soon....I invite you to stop by and look.

Off and Running To Say Hi To YOU!

Monday, July 18, 2011

~Happy Rose Drying~.

Good Morning Peeps.......I have something to share with you that is so exciting to me!
You know by now that I am so in love with my Eden roses.....I, even, lately purchased another big healthy bush of them. In time I hope to have them wandering beautifully over our two, not so pretty, chain link fences.

What I want to show is that I picked three of their heavenly blooms and put them in a pretty vase. I showed them off to you on another, earlier, post....Here they are, again....

Just like the white roses from a bouquet I gifted myself, last winter and just let rest in the vase I arranged them in....

My glorious Eden roses gave me the same gift....Left alone, not even changing the water, they dried on their own.

If you love dried blossoms as I do, just try cutting a few of your roses, put them in water and just leave them. Some roses will do this, some will not. I have found those roses that have many layers of petals, such as Eden, and some of the tea roses as the white ones, are your best bet.

Now I wish I had cut all of the blooms and let them dry....I love making wreaths and that is what I will be doing with these three.....when I have one created, I will share...
Have a happy day creating!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Hello Sweet Friends.....My, this week just whizzed by! Did it for you, too? It has been full of working in the yard with all the pleasant sun shinny weather we are having, still painting woodwork, etc. around the house and trying to get a few things made, too. This is our special day to indulge in all the pinkness we can find and we do that by going to Beverly's and visitng all the marvelous blogs showing their pinks for Pink Saturday....

And...SHABBY COTTAGE SHOPS is in it's 6th day of Christmas In July and you can click HERE to see todays feature shop which is Tequila Bay Boutique. Isn't that an intriguing name? It just invites you to go and see what they have to offer, which, of course, will be wonderful! Each day a new shop is featured with their offering PLUS a beautiful gift and all with FREE SHIPPING! You can't beat that! Two gifts for one!
Here is a list of the participating will want to visit them all and you can by clicking this link.... CHRISTMAS IN JULY

The Ruffled Rose
The Shabby Crafter - Etsy
5 Dollar French Marche - Etsy
Vintage Paris Market - Etsy
Little Luxuries of Va.
Little Bit Old Lil Bit New
Belle Inspiration
Celestina Marie Designs
Dusty Oak Ornaments
Holly And Glitter
Sassy Beach Jewelry Designs
Laurie's Doggie Carriers
Creations With Heart
Debi Coules
Sweethearts Nest

Below are some pinks for you this week .... a few of my china tea or coffee mugs...

And some pretty pink lilies in my back yard.....I love the white in the centers, just like petals...

....aren't the Hydrangeas at the top, pretty? They were such a soft faded lavender pink and so pretty I could not pass up taking a picture as I was shopping at my favorite nursery!

Thank you for stopping is always wonderful to read my comments and see who visited and now I am off to visit you!
:) Jil

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whats New.....

Hello...I hope you are all having a great summer afternoon! I can't make up my mind whether to open more windows and forget the air conditioning, or close them all and just leave it is that kind of day. 82 degrees is not all that hot, but here in Michigan we have the humidity factor. : ( It can make it pretty miserable!
As you know SHABBY COTTAGE SHOPS is in their third day of Christmas In July. Todays feature is a cute Etsy Shop, 5 Dollar French Marche. I hope you will pop offer to see her wonderful offering with a free gift and free shipping, just for today only!

And besides painting all through the house, here is what I have been up to...

This is a darling vintage glass butter pat dish coupled with the sweetest small ( 3 1/2" ) vintage candlestick. Now it is a cute cupcake holder, faux or real as well as a votive candle holder.....The candlestick has a prettiest details...just click on the picture to make it larger....

And a pretty teacup and saucer I recently found....

You can see more HERE

I am thirsting for a glass of lemonade with a sprig of mint. Oh, I wish I had remembered to plant a little bit of it....We have the lemonade, just no mint, so I am off to pour a big glass with lots and lots of ice and then to find my paint brush!
Bye For Now....
Blowing Kisses....xxxx Jil

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Christmas In July Free Gift From Me To You

Hi Girl Friends......I just have to tell you, we are so excited at Shabby Cottage Shops to announce our Christmas In July event!
It starts Saturday, July 9th......We invite you, each day, to come visit the featured shop and see their beautiful ONE DAY offerings.
We begin on Saturday and it starts with our shop... THE RUFFLED ROSE I created the Teddy In A Teacup just for Shabby Cottage Shops and this fun affair and.....there is a sweet surprise that goes with it, but just for Saturday....

just this one day, at The Ruffled Rose You will receive the pretty white eyelet sachet booties....made from a vintage eyelet dresser scarf and all of it is SHIPPED FREE! Thats right a beautiful free gift and....Free Shipping. My thank you to all my wonderful friends and customers. Each day a different shop will be featured with the same offer so come often to see the shop of the day!

This is also PINK SATURDAY and to find all the other funtastic PINK blogs just go to
See you there!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Pretty Vintage Find

This is such a beautiful day! I wish there were time to walk down to the beach, but I just have too many things on my "to do list." Not fair! :(

Here is a find I wanted to share with you.....I think it is sooooo beautiful and the pictures just do not do it justice. It is a generous sized vintage linen for a table or dresser....the exquisite crochet and embroidery are at each end and the color is rich and very, very French.....French Country or Farmhouse. The fabric a wonderful linen.

I have to admit that I purchased this for myself, but it is a bit too long and so I am offering it on my WEBSITE

Hope you will come and take a peek and starting on the 9th, Saturday, Shabby Cottage Shops is starting a marvelous event that you won't want to miss.....More details to come!

Back to my list....Ho Hum!