Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yesterday was such a pretty fall day.....low clouds and rain and fog. The fog horns out on the lake were making their presence known. It was balmy, and nice. The Morning Glories looked so pretty winding their way around the fence in the misty air...

I know that I won't have them too much longer, as the nights are getting cooler and I will miss their purple beauty and will be looking forward to their return in the Spring.

I listed this pretty pillow on eBay a bit ago. This is a new, rarely seen image from an old ad......Isn't the little girl exquisite? She makes me think of my oldest daughter, Yvette. (With so many vintage images, and so many granddaughters, 11, and 2 daughters, it seems I am always finding one that reminds me of one of them!)

The dainty little blue flowers sitting on the pink satin bow are made from tiny shells painted blue....the sweet green leaves are also from shells...this is a vintage earring and the shell art dates back to the 20's, 30's, and 40's. It is not easy to find pieces of this art where the shells are not chipped....these are in perfect condition.


Well, the day is almost gone, again, and time to think of dinner....I hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend.....

Friday, September 25, 2009

A big "Hi" with a hug and WELCOME!
I want to invite you to stop by next Saturday to see my newly revamped blog. Debbie of All In My Cottage...the link is on the side bar, does beautiful designs and always makes me happy! She knows I get restless and have to change things every now and then. I haven't seen it yet either, so it will be a big surprise for us all.

She is, also, designing a new blog for me to sell from, "Adrianna's Boutique" and I will be having give-aways and little creating tips, too. When it is ready I will let you all know.

Many years ago when we lived in Manassas, Va. I was crazy about trunks. One of the ones I purchased there, with the plan to refurbish it, had many ladies magazines, from long ago, in the bottom. I was so excited, even tho many had corners nibbled by the house mouse and they weren't in the greatest conditon, I thought they were a great treasure. I was thrilled, and this is the cover from one of them. I am captivated by the image and soft pretty colors and will try with Adobe Photo Shop to clean it up a bit and then it will become something pretty....maybe on a vintage box.....or????

I love the illustrations of the early 1900's. They have such a charm about them and reflect the gentler side of life, something I think we all yearn for today. And, don't they look happy, too?

This is a little pin cushion I had fun making this week.....I didn't spend too much time creating as I was too excited to have our son here. Do you see the little bear winking at you? Can you guess her secret?

And....Another Door Charmer with a darling Frances Brundage Image which I named "Lilly" after my ten year old granddaughter...when she was a toddler she could have posed for this portrait and she is a little beauty today! And the picture of the cute little blond boy? Well, that is the son that visited this week, when he was about 7 years old!

These two items can be seen on < EBAY >

A big Thank You to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... for no matter what, being our host for our fun PINK SATURDAYS! Be sure and visit her for this weeks list of pink ladies to visit.

Thank you for coming for a Saturday don't know how I look forward to reading comments from you all!
AND....don't forget to come by, next Saturday, to see my new look...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What a week this has blessed to have a visit from our Texas son. Do we ever get over being Mom's? I don't think so. I have always thought the children are works in progress and it is fascinating watching them grow and evolve.

This son has two children in college and one that will be graduating high school in June...then he will have three in college. Now, he is watching them find their niches in the world, and I can see he is as proud and as fascinated as I have been.

I see by the clock his plane is just about to take off and while I am feeling a bit teary, I look forward to seeing him and his beautiful family this winter......we are going to run away for two months to Texas, Arizona and California and escape the worst of winter here. In the meantime, there is much to get done like all the spring planting, so...
back to busy...

Monday, September 21, 2009

The day has come and gone with the treasured visit from our son. It was so good to have him here, even just for a few hours. And, he brought the nicest man with him....also a pilot. This man's father is a good friend of my husbands and he, too was a pilot....a well known pilot in the US Border Patrol during "our good old days." (Being married to an agent was not only exciting, but you felt such pride in they work the do in keeping our country safe.)

The day started with sheets of heavy rain in the wee hours of the morning. No lightening, just rain that was heavy and loud and almost violent. A friend and I were talking about what a downpour it was and how it lasted off and on for many hours. I believe this is some of the storm that has devastated many parts of the SE.

The day was not good for pictures, but Clay is coming back on Wednesday, before he heads back to Texas on Thursday, and weather and light permitting, I will get some good pictures for my albums.
Here is a picture that is much better taken last summer when he was up for more special meetings.

What a blissful day and we even had lunch at the Olive Garden, too! Now I am happily looking forward to Wednesday!

If you scroll down a bit to an earlier posting you will see a pretty young woman in a bright pink top....that Jacque, is his oldest daughter


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tomorrow Will Be Special.......

Tomorrow is going to be a very special day.....Our Texas son is in Detroit on a detail for the government. He is a pilot and now flies helicopters for what was the US Border Patrol and he is in charge of an air ops station. He has some time tomorrow during the day and is coming up to Port Huron bringing, with him, the son of a famous BP pilot that was friends with my husband in our "good old days." I can tell my dear hubby is excited to see them both and me? well I am over the moon to be with my precious son and I will be taking pictures and will post them tomorrow.

Like all Mom's my mind has turned to food....what should I fix that I won't be in the kitchen while he is here....or, maybe we will all go out .....I will just take it minute by minute.....I want to soak up every minute with him I can...I have not seen him for a year and that was just for an evening when he was here for a meeting.

Clay's dream for a long time was to be a pilot and he has worked so hard juggling his job in the Border Patrol and family to become one. My husband used to fly and so on more than one ocassion, if Clay came off a midnight shift, but had to get in some hours, Tom would go with him to make sure he stayed awake. This of course, was many years ago and now he flies not only the small but the big helicopters. I am not too crazy about flying, but I would fly anywhere with him....

When he was small and we lived in Yuma, Arizona, we would watch the jets at the base there. They also tested DC 10's there and many a time on our way home, out of town we would see the lights in the far distance of one coming in and I would turn the car around and race back up the mesa to our vantage point by the fence, to watch that giant come in for a landing......we also watched fighter jets in trouble come in on foamed runways with a band across the runway to catch on their hook. We never missed an air show. Oh my, those were exciting times and I loved the romance of the planes as much as the is little wonder that one became a pilot and a good one, if I may say so.....he saved the government much money as well as his life and that of his passenger when the helicopter he was flying lost it's tail rotor.
He gave us a picture of the skid marks as he landed it. He brought it in safely after miles in the air going in circles.....that takes an amazingly cool fantastic pilot!

A few years ago, he was named Law Enforcement Officer Of The Year....what an honor. He rescued a rancher that had been thrown by a horse and was badly hurt out in the middle of now where, in Texas. He was able to get him into the helicopter and fly him to a hospital and saved his life.
And....he has been our National Pistol Champ more than once......
So, until tomorrow.......

Monday, September 14, 2009


Here is what I made to day and listed on EBAY

It can be purchased here as well for 35.00 + $5.00 shipping
These so sweet collectible pin cushions look adorable on a dresser, end table, a shelf and any place you want a different and unique little accent. Three of my Keepsake Pretty Pins are included.....

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Welcome to PINK SATURDAY! This is the day that is so much fun for me, sitting in my "jammies" with a Dr. Pepper at hand cruising thru all the pink splendor! You will have fun too if you will just go to Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... and you will see the list for today....Thank You, Beverly for hosting this event for us!

Well, I did not get much made this week or anything else, for that matter! As I had just stepped away from my glue gun with a big hot glob of glue on what I was gluing, the breeze from the ceiling fan whipped it out of my hand smack down on my left index finger. All I can tell you is that it is not a pretty sight! I have never been burned like this and I have had so many glue gun burns on my fingers I have lost count. I have even spent a couple of nights in the guest room with two bowls of ice water on the floor and me on the bed on my stomach with a hand in each bowl for some relief!!! Sound familiar???

This burn is pretty good size and d-e-e-p!! There is even a small hole close to my nail! What did I do? My hubby heard my little groans and came a small bowl and put Willards Water in it with water and in went my finger. Never heard of Willards Water? It is too complex for me to explain, but I hope you will Google it and you will be amazed at it's curative powers besides making everything grow lusher and bigger and vitamins more potent. I would not take it with medicine, tho. They use this amazing water in some burn units and once I learned about it I purchased some and found to my delight and relief that my glue gun burns were healed by the next day! Our home is never without it!!!!
This burn, however, is different and I imagine in a few days from now it will be better and the pain and swelling easing....thank heavens for Advil! And, for a dear and patient husband who has helped me around the house so much this week, even in MY kitchen!
So, with one hand I am doing this posting and I have to say I am getting faster and faster!

Here is a bit of pink from me for today.....some more of my pink roses that I have in pretty little vases all over the house. I think this will be the last blooming, altho I do see more buds......How I will miss them when their blooming is over!

And the two stockings I managed to make:

These can be found at my EBAY

And Todays:

Have a safe and happy week and if you are careful with the glue gun!!!!
xo Jil

Monday, September 7, 2009


And......Offering A Lovely Christmas Stocking You May Purchase Here
Made with a Barefoot Roses fabric with the centerpiece a darling girl from the Frances Brundage collection.....she is famous for her beautiful illustrations of children in books and magazines long ago.....the image is surrounded with vintage lace and more vintage lace below with the bow....a pink jingle bell at the toe, vintage millinery with a Mulberry Rose at one corner.....lined with quality quilt batting for shape and years of enjoyment....the inside lining is a pretty white fabric with pretty pink roses....this hangs from a loop of pink ribbon and it measures 16" from ruffle to toe. All my creations are one of a kind make with care and love in my smoke and pet free home-studio... If you would like more pictures or to ask a question......please, ask and I will get right back to

$36.00 + $5.00 Shipping

I can't get over how simply beautiful the weather has been for the past ten days or so...soft breezes and perfect 70's temperatures. Today they are promising showers and we have big fluffy wet looking clouds gathering. A little thunder would be welcome,too, if you are listening, Mother Nature!

We live very close to Lake Huron, about a five minute walk down to Light House beach, and you can hear the engines of the pleasure boats taking advantage of the weather and the last day before school starts and it is back to work......

I am not the only one enjoying it, the purple morning glories are blooming away and growing more every day....the petunias have turned full and bushy and the roses have more buds. I will soon be planting bulbs and covering the soil with Cayenne Pepper to discourage those naughty squirrels!! I did not have the full garden of tulips and other spring flowers because of their digging to try to remember where they might have hidden a walnut!!

More Pretty Pink Roses To Come

It is hard to believe that in a month or so we will most likely be wearing warmer jackets and for me wearing shoes! I am the barefoot girl. First thing in the house and off come the shoes.......

Friday, September 4, 2009


Really, where did this week go? It doesn't seem like I have been working hard at the house, yard or making things this week..... I didn't do anything special, but some how another week is almost over. A week that DH and I had our 40th anniversary and were so busy trying to figure why our Grandfather Clock does not want to run....we both forgot until we were eating dinner! lol!

Beverly asked us to feature a blog this week and I am featuring That Shabby Pink Girl

Be sure and visit her blog and be dazzled by all her pinkness as well as the gorgeous creations she makes. Not only is she one of the nicest people I have met, but she is soooooo talented!!! I don't think there is anything she doesn't make and make beautifully!
**I apologize for not being able to make the link work, but you can find That Shabby Pink Girl to the right in my list of fabulous blogs to visit...just click on her name and you will go right to her.**

I encourage you all to put out your Glorious American Flags, this week, if you don't always have yours waving proudly, as the anniversary of 911 is Thursday. We all need to remember.....and give thanks, too, for our brave and dedicated troops serving us!


This IS Pink Saturday thanks to our dear host Beverly of How Sweet The Sound... Be sure to click to go to her blog for lots and lots of deliciously pink blogs...THANK YOU, BEVERLY!

Now here are a couple of things pink I made this week.......
I am setting up my blog, with a PayPal button, so if you see something you would like to purchase it will be easy to do so! If you need more pictures, please don't be shy about asking!

A CUTE VINTAGE NUT CHOPPER .....Pink With Some Of My Little Roses

SWEET DOOR CHARMER WITH PRECIOUS VINTAGE IMAGE......Filled With Lots Of Fragrant Lavender, Too!


Thank you for visiting me.....I always enjoy the sweet comments and meeting someone new each week!
Hugs To All,