Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lamp Redo

Hello Ladies....I found this sitting in a yard for $5.00.  SOLD!  I just had to show you!
I could not wait to get it to the car and home as I could see it all white and with a pretty did not have this shade on it, it had this one....
which I love....It is silk, but sadly was very dirty and had a rip.....I love the simple style of it. The elegant little way they trimmed the edges.
I have never tried making a lamp shade, ( That will be a future project ) so I brought out one I had is a pretty taupe with faded cream and pink roses.... 
And here it is all white and Cottage perfect....
I am, with a friend, opening up a booth next week, at a new antique and craft mall in downtown Port Huron....this lamp will not be for sale, but will add a soft light to our booth....When I find another lamp to redo, this one is coming home to mama!!!
Oh and the bonus....the lamp worked perfectly.  That was the first thing hubby checked and I never even thought of!  So good that I have this man!

Have a wonderful and happy day!  Hope you are creating away!
♥ Jil