Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snow Is On The Ground So It Must Be Winter.......

A week ago I was happily out raking the leaves in warm temperatures and this week I am shoveling three inches of snow in freezing temps. So, I think it is fair to say goodbye to the warm days and hello to cold.

I am past wanting to ice skate and sled so it is a time to cuddle under a quilt with the hubby and watch a good movie with a cup of tea or hot cocoa, get all those crafting projects started that I have been wanting to do, maybe even do some organizing and thinking what to make after the Holidays. Do some reading and be sure to make myself EXERCISE!!! Uggg! I don't think I would mind it so much if our cold weather did not last sooooooo long. Last Spring was a long time coming with many leaves barely out in MAY! Summer did not last that long, it seemed, and I do hope it won't be that way this next year. Busy, busy I will be 'til I can open the windows to the warm breezes and the birds songs!


Coastal Sisters said...

Hi Jil,

Thank you for the nice comment you left on my Blog. It was lovely to have you stop by. I enjoyed your Blog...everything is so pretty! I will visit again soon :)


Melissa said...

SNOW!?! WINTER!?!? Say it isnt so. It cant be that time already! Hope you are well, my friend.

vintagewindow said...

Ohhhhhhhh' NO!!! Snow? I'm with you grab a blanket and snuggle while watching a movie. I'm starting my list now of winter movies to watch. Starting in Dec. with a list of Christmas/Holiday picks.

Have a great day and stay warm.