Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The tree, above, is in front of the house and I took the picture because there is just that little spot of red left and it looks so pretty. The leaves will soon be gone, but that tree is the last to loose it's leaves in the Fall and the last to get leaves in the Spring!

The weather was so nice today. In the fifties and no wind, and here in Michigan, that is a small wonder this time of the year. There are still so many leaves on the trees. It is as if they don't want Old man Winter to come, either! I took advantage of the nice day and went out and raked the many that had fallen and the fresh air was so refreshing. It felt so good to be out working in the yard. Being cooped up all winter, even tho I am busy creating, stifles me and I yearn to hear the birds singing and the windows open. Tomorrow, if it does not rain as is forecasted, I will go and finish the task. It is raining now, so I most likely won't get out and will stay in and create! it is so nice, in the Spring when the last of the snow has melted, to see the heavy work is done and you can think ahead to going "flower" shopping.


Laurie said...

Hi Adrianna!
I was looking for people with an interest in embroidery from my blog. I was so surprised to see Pt.Huron come up! I live in Ft. Gratiot, and was born in Pt. Huron. Nice to see someone from the neighborhood!
Come visit my site, would love to hear from you!

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Good Morning. Lovely post! I do love your stockings. They are always so beautiful! You know, I use to live in Michigan. I lived there for a year in Rodchester Hills and attended Oakland Community college. I had the hardest time getting use to the no left turns, but instead the turn arounds! Other than that, I enjoyed living there! Have a wonderful day. hugs, Ellen p.s. stop by and say hi at my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jil,
Your blog is just beautiful and your photos are very impressive. I hope your stocking sells well for you. Keep up the creativity!