Sunday, January 11, 2009


Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday To You!

Miss Alexandra Rae, or Allie as she likes to be called, turned 14 on January, 2nd and I can't begin to say just how dear she is to us. When she was a wee baby we all lived together for a bit and her Mo and Pa, her name for us, got the honor to care for her while her Mama worked. She went everywhere with us and we got to watch her grow seeing her first steps and hearing her first words. We got to show her things, like where carrots and broccoli come from. We were living in the Imperial Valley of California at the time. (It is a big agricultural area.) It was a joyous time for all of us and we bonded in a very special way that hasn't changed today, even tho we are, sadly, now 500 miles apart. It never will! As I write, so many memories are remembered, and now she is a beautiful young lady that has always been on the honor roll and has a love for the theatre. Her plan is to study Theatre Arts when she goes to a university and she wants to act. She has already been in two plays in a little theatre group. She is not only beautiful, but loving, caring and very responsible with a thirst for knowledge that is amazing. She has a beautiful singing voice and I could listen to her sing all day. I love getting her sweet emails and pictures and talking on the phone about all her friends and school. Real joy is when she comes, with her sisters for their summer visit and we go places, talk, watch movies and just plain have a great time with lots and lots of hugs! Can you tell how much she is loved? From here to the moon and back!

In the picture, taken this summer, she is with her "Pa". The Blue Water Bridges are behind them with a freighter just entering the St. Clair River from the mouth of Lake Huron. Sarnia, Ontario, Canada is on the other side.

*(If you scroll down a bit, you will see her younger sister Hannah for her 11th birthday. Coming in February will be her little brother Jack's 5th birthday.)


Sondra Behne' said...

Hello Adrianna

I cant locate an email address for you and would like to ask you a ? Could you please contact me at


fannipauline said...

Your Miss Allie is just very beautiful and I know that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. What a very precious grandaughter she is. She is always going to make you very proud because no one tries any harder than she does. She is certainly a good example for her younger sisters to follow. Contratulations Miss Allie on being l4. Miss Pauline

EnglishCottageRose said...

they grow up way too fast don't they. I love this picture of your family. Enjoy Jil, and thanks for sharing, Char

Beverly said...

Just popped in to visit your Pink Saturday post. I hope all is well with you.

The Muse said...

Oh yes belated wishes ! :)