Friday, June 5, 2009

~Happy 13th Birthday Sweet Lauren~

After passing, with flying colors, her gun safety course, she loves to go hunting with her family and this is her first Javelina.....WOW!!

Lauren and her, dear to my heart, family

My son has always, and I mean always, loved the outdoors and hunting. Gun safety is his number one priority and the children learn from day one. He is a well known guide in the West. Lauren's Mom is also a hunter and has her prize Elk in the Boone And Crocket book of hunting records. Lauren, I am happy to say, is growing up in a wonderful, and much to be envied, environment of learning to handle herself in the out of doors, something that could save her life one day, as well as bring many hours of fun.

Lauren is a sweet and gentle girl with a heart of gold. Like all my grandchildren, she is on the honor roll and very smart and pretty! She has an amazing talent in art and with water colors, but she loves to work in all mediums. Art is her big love. She loves color and it will be so interesting to watch her evolve and grow in her art. Do you suppose I will be a Grandma to a famous designer?????

Before we moved to Michigan, I used to take care of her and believe me, I loved every minute of it! She was always a happy baby and a precious little girl and now she is a TEENAGER!

I asked her about her birthday cake and how it was decorated. Well, she has a undecorated cake and she and her girl friends will decorate it as they did on her last birthday. I thought that was pretty cool! I asked her to be sure and send me a picture and if she remembers, I will post it here!!

Look out world, here comes Miss Lauren and her little Doxie Dog, Roxie!!

Mo and Pa love you Sweet Lauren, all the way to the moon and back! Wish we were there to sing Happy Birthday to you and eat a piece of cake with you!
Kisses and Hugs,
Mo & Pa


Sares said...

Happy Birthday to the sweet Birthday Girl! I hope all her wishes come true for her!

fannipauline said...

I enjoy your blog and all the "beauties you make. Happy Birthday to Lauren and Lilly.

Cathy said...

Stop by my blog sweet pea, I have something special for you.

xo Cathy

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