Friday, October 30, 2009

Looking For Nuts.....

Here is one of the naughty squirrels that love to dig up my flower beds looking for nuts....I heard a commotion, the other morning, and when I went to investigate I was astounded to see a squirrel looking in a bedroom window.....Quickly I ran to get the camera, not expecting him to still be there, and there he was! He ran up and down and all around the window for about fifteen minutes and what I really think he was doing was looking for a way in.

A few years ago hubby had to climb up and close up a place between the gutter system and the house where they had been living. It was a small separation that the installers missed when putting a new system on the house, but they had made them selves at home and we had quite a time, after it was sealed to keep them from chewing the house to get back in there....They are determined little creatures!

Look at that little paw....

I just wanted to share this sweet occurance with you this morning and now I must get busy!
Hope you are all having a great day!


stefanie said...

he is soooooo cute, how funny, he probalbly saw your soft, warm

Char said...

Jil, I haven't seen squirrels in years. I don't know if they are here or not. We had them in Maryland and I used to feed them. What a mistake that was! They are very cute but also can be mean and aggessive. Your little guy is very cute and curious. Thanks for the show, but am happy to not have to deal with them, Char

CC said...

I love little long as they keep to their squirrel homes and the yard. Not in my house though. Your little guy is so cute..he looks like he's begging for a handout. :)

Mary said...

Hi Jil,
He is cute, but seem he wants to get in!
The squirrels drive my doggy crazy, she barks and barks at them! But they don't seem to really care :)
Have a happy Halloween!
Hugs, Mary :)