Monday, October 5, 2009

Soft Comfort

There's comfort food most of us turn to in times of stress or unhappiness....what about comfort bedding? Sheets old and soft, familiar and comforting that wrap around us making us feel safe and cozy?

As I was changing sheets this morning, the day dark and rainy, I pulled out of the linen closet a set of such sheets that evoke all of the above feelings.....I really hate to admit that on figuring back to when I purchased these, they are twenty two years old! As I put them on I was thinking how pretty they still are after all the washings and in wonderful condition....That proves that spending a bit more, when you can, you get your monies worth and beyond.....

The pretty and pastel quilt I purchased almost that many years ago from Spiegel

and while I do not think it will endure many more washings, it, too is an old friend as is the comforter....part of the set by Mario Buatta purchased those twenty-two years ago that now make me feel safe, secure and comforted as I drift to dreamland.


Char said...

Jil, I am totally confused over your new blog. I like it, but I came back to see the post on the clunkers and it's gone, I have no idea where it is, help girlfriend, I think I need a lesson or two, Char

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Must admit...I'm a sheet aholic!!!! I am always buying sheets...I love them, yummy, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

The Pink Birdhouse said...

I am a sheet lover too, I buy more then I need, but just love the pretty patterns, and is there anything more delicious then going to bed in fresh sheets just off the line outside! It is trully "comfort food" for the body and soul, especially the old soft worn sheets with memories in them (who gave them to me, what was going on in my life when I got them, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Oh,I feel the same way about vintage sheets,CC! I loooove them. Would you believe I have a flat sheet and matching pillowcases from when I was in junior high? I cherish it. I love the set you have in the picture. Fresh old sheets are so cozy and comforting :)

The sheets on our bed right now are just shy of 20 years old and they're so soft and worn (flannel). My mom gave them to us as a wedding present and she's passed on now. What a treasure.

I'm grabbing your button to add on my blog.

Bye for now~

Tara said...

I agree completely. Sometimes I will save a beloved pillow case until it falls apart at the seams. The softer the better!

Vicki said...

Hi, Jil,
I love pretty bedding, too!! Yours is so pretty. I love those soft romantic colors. Blessings to you!! Vicki

Cinnamonstitch said...

Hi My friend,
I see how much we are alike,,I have the Same Picture on my bedroom wall too , isnt that funny. Love the bedspread too.

Mimi said...

HI JIL!!!!
I love it that you know Arizona so well, and to have had that wonderful opportunity as a fire ranger's wife!!!! I love that!!!! I so love this wonderful state of ours!!! We have it all, warm southwest desert for the desert dwellers, red rock canyons for those types, also Gold canyons, close to us and of course those beautiful Pine trees and all the other trees!!!!I will have to mention the red leaves up on Mingus Mountain to our friends, who also live in Chino Valley!!!! What a small world!!!!!
We love Prescott and make it up there at least once in the winter to play in the snow!!!!I love Whiskey row and if I can pull myself away from the family I always check out the antique stores!!!!!
Love to eat at Murphy;s!!!!
Thank you for sharing that info on the red leaves, we will be going up north soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

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